What a deo for my pre teen?

How to choose an organic, natural and effective deodorant For a long time I wanted to publish an exhaustive article about deodorants: why avoid “classic” products and.

As always, it is difficult to unravel the real from the fake and even headphones tangling on themselves. I hope to help you see more clearly and find hygiene and health products near you. Of course, if you already know the topic or do not have the patience to read me, take the shortcut:

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Air fresheners, what’s in there?

When we talk about deodorants, we very quickly get to aluminum salts . If this substance speaks the same, it is because it is largely controversial: but as both go through the screening of its supposed toxicity, we tear our armpits with other products that are well certified as dangerous.

Endocrine disruptors and allergens

Parabens present in many “classic” deodorants are, as you may know,endocrine disruptors (PE) . I’m not going to give you an entire verse on the EP… but I simply recommend avoiding them.

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Most deodorants and antiperspirants also containallergens , to be absolutely prohibited in sensitive people! If you are prone to redness in the armpits, opt for alcohol-free (and therefore fragrance-free) products.

The danger of deodorants in spray

Finally, spray deodorants should be avoided: Because of the gases they contain (butane, propane, isobutane), they are also filled with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, as the name suggests, VOCs disperse in the air with each spray… which means you inhale them every morning by spraying your armpits. In this regard, some stories of teenagers sniffing deo as narcotics generally ended poorly.

Alum stone, a natural deodorant?

Although some are described as “100% natural”, stonealum does not exist in nature. It comes from rocks containing potassium alum , which undergo chemical transformations of varying degrees to become alum stone.

So, when natural, alum stone was simply purified and recrystallized. “Potassium alum” can be read on theINCI label . On the other hand, a synthetic stone is composed of deammonium alum, obtained perfectly artificially. It is this substance that would be particularly discouraged.

Is alum stone dangerous to health? I have not participated in all the publications on this issue, so I will refrain from telling you whether or not there are reliable studies on this subject. But aluminum salts are absorbed by the skin and aluminum is suspected to promote the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or breast cancer. For my part, I did my calculations: it’s Niet.

Antiperspirant: let it slide!

( Yes, I know, this subtitle is disgusting. Sorry.)

But if you look, it’s sexy Many of us prefer to use an antiperspirant, which is dangerous to health, but even better than large halos under the arms. Yes. Everyone has their priorities.

Why is it better to avoid the use of an antiperspirant? Like the liver, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, etc., the skin is ahemonctory organ: its role is to remove toxins and waste from the body. Preventing sweating means preventing this phenomenon. It’s like keeping trash cans inside.

Note that some vegetable powders regulate without sweating. It falls well, we come to natural alternatives.

3 safe organic deodorants to buy with your eyes closed

Although the recipe for organic deodorant DIY is very simple, it is not recommended to start making homemade cosmetics .

In this case, here are the ones I tried and liked. Currently, I alternate between deo house and “everything done”.

Organic and natural air freshener Clémence & Vivien

This is undoubtedly my favorite to this day! I like the 4 fragrances that all smell as good as the others.

In addition, the ideal is to alternate perfumes to avoid the productloses its effectiveness (the body gets used to essential oils).

The formula is soft (contains less baking soda than sodiorispetto to most natural deodorants ) and creamy texture. We quickly forget the feeling of buttering the armpits, to appreciate its effectiveness. Besides, it smells terribly good…

For very sensitive skin, pregnant women, etc., the brand has released 2 fragrances without essential oils or bicarbonate: tangerine and vanilla. A little less effective than the “normal” version, but it’s better than finishing with the burning armpits, right?

👉 Find Clémence & Vivien Air Freshener

Moly bio deo, bicarbonate free

Deo Moly is my other favorite! Without baking soda (the brand uses zinc oxide instead), it is suitable for more reactive skin. I use it alternately with Clemence and Vivien. Its light texture is very pleasant: it seems that fossemontate, to form a kind of foam 🙂

Note that the coconut fragrance is free of essential oils.

👉 Find The Moly air freshener without bicarbonate

Beautiss Magnesium Oxide Stick Deodorant

For those who do not want to spread their deodorant with their fingers, there is of course the option of natural deo in stick or spray.

This does not use baking soda, but magnesium oxide, which is very effective in regulating bad odors.

It is complemented by vegetable oils and shea butter, to keep your underarms nourished and protected.

👉 Find the beauties of the deodorant stick

Bonus: what organic deodorant for men?

So, let’s do well: all the deodorants of which above be used by men, from the oment that to the last news, we all sweat.

But marketers worked well to put us in the head that there are “male” and “female” fragrances. So here’s a good product for a man, a real one.

👉 Find Salvia and Mint Deodorant

Organic and natural deodorants in a blink

In short, natural means no less effectiveeye … But also not harmless, as evidenced by the example of alum stones!

Choose an organic labeled deodorant : This is already a good guarantee on the products used, because the label prohibits most toxic substances, such as endocrine interference, certain allergens…

A good deodorant prevents the appearance of odors, but adjusts sweating without preventing it: otherwise, your body does not eliminate waste!

And you, what solutions did you try?

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