Wedding Decoration in Black and White

Want an unusual decoration for your wedding? What if you dare the black and white decoration? Black and white has the rating and seduces more and more couples. Contrasting, this wedding decoration adds peps to the best day of your life and won’t go unnoticed! Find all our tips for your wedding decoration in black and white.

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  • Black and white deco: the trend to test
    • Symbol of black and white wedding decoration
  • Wedding table: your black and white decoration Black and white
  • wedding decoration, but not that
    • vary the pleasures with your decoration

Black and white deco: the trend to test

What is the secret of a successful wedding decoration? It is obviously the taste and heart that you will put into it. The black and white wedding decoration made its appearance a few years ago and does not seem to displease, quite the contrary.

Trendy, this wedding decoration is suitable for couples who want to stand out by adding contrast and character to their wedding decor. More than just a decoration, it’s a theme that can inspire and amuse your guests.

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Black and White Wedding Deco Symbol

The symbol of black and white is strong: these colors are marked by various influences and cultural references. For example, did you know that in some countries, especially in Asia, black is not at all a color associated with sadness?

Yin, Yang, cinema, photography, balance between energies, acceptance of the duality of life within marriage… Everything can pass through it in terms of symbols, the main thing is that this contrast pleats you and resembles you.

In addition, in terms of aesthetics, The combination of black and white on each table, on the walls and among the decorative objects adds a touch of chic . For a wedding or even a wedding anniversary under the sign of black and white, here the decoration!

Wedding table: your black and white decoration

Original, the black and white wedding decoration can be available on all the objects that will make your wedding room decoration:

  • Tables, chairs and covers;
  • Tablecloths, table runners, ribbons;
  • Luminaires, candles and candle holders;
  • Menus table layout table;
  • Small gifts to guests and name sign;
  • Flowers;
  • Tableware
  • Decoration of the marquee;
  • Decoration of the floor;

Our most important advice in your black and white wedding decoration is not to bet on black and white at all. To be pleasant, your decoration wedding should breathe and be visually balanced.

Black and white wedding decoration, but not that

Feel free to combine black and white with other colors . These shades blend very well with silver or gold. Your flowers, for example, do not need to follow the black and white decoration theme but can bring a touch of cheerfulness.

The risk, opting for black and white at all, is to tired your eyes quickly enough. So be sure to balance the colorful atmosphere with tones that blend well with the theme. You can choose a 3rd color, such as a turquoise blue or fuchsia, which will complement and brighten up the decoration .

Vary the pleasures with your decoration

Among the options proposed above, we advise you to choose to apply the main decoration theme (black and white) to some elements, such as dishes, chairs and lighting fixtures. For the rest of the decoration, vary with the addition colors of your choice: silver, gold, bright red, etc., all in the decoration accessories.

You can also play on guest gifts, with small boxes full of chic and style… To complete your black and white wedding decoration, think of Chinese lanterns or a black and white photo slideshow!