Volkswagen car radio: how to find the code ?

To repair it or simply to change its battery, you unplugged the car radio from your Volkswagenvehicle. This causes the lock on the computer and it takes a security code for it to restart. Retrieving the code can be really painful if you don’t know how to do it. Here are the steps to unlock your Volkswagen car radio .

What is a Volkswagen car radio?

Still called automotive radio, the car radio is one of the most exploited vehicle devices. It is also installed on board boats, construction machinery, Agricultural machinery, trucks… Indeed, this equipment has several functions. It ensures comfort and driving pleasure to the user. It allows you to listen to music as well as radio shows during the journey. Also, the car radio is a decorative accessory for the interior of your vehicle. Models such as the Volkswagen GPS car radio station are high-end equipment with latest generation functions. They make the interior of your car both stylish and modern. The car radio became an indispensable equipment to optimize the driving experience. When this device becomes faulty, driving can become boring especially when you have to make long journeys. He urges to find the code allowing the car radio to work.

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Find Default Code

The easiest way to find the code of a Volkswagen car radio is to search it on the screen of the device. Indeed, in some Volkswagen car radio models, the code is displayed on the screen. So, if you have this type of model, you just need to go to the official website of your manufacturer or go to to inform you about the buttons to press for the code to appear. In addition, if you have just purchased a new radio for your car, ask the seller for the code and take care of registering it. In case of need, you will only have to copy the code to make the post work again. Recording the car radio code also makes it easy to resale your car. However, in case the provided code does not work, it will be necessary to search for the serial number of the car radio.

Through Your Dealer

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The Volkswagen car radio serial number usually comes in the form of a label. The latter can be found either underneath the device, on its upper part or on the side of the car radio. To find the label, it is sometimes essential to remove the post from its location. To do this, you will need a suitable material including pliers or an extractor. The extraction process is simple. The tool must be accurately inserted into the holes of the car radio to decince the clips.

By the way, if you do not have clamps or puller, you can use thin metal blades or a hanger to remove the car radio from the housing. After identifying the label, check that the serial number is correct. The label varies depending on the Volkswagen car radio model. Volkswagen car stereo serial numbers start with the letters “ VWZ ”. Finally, once you are assured that you have the correct serial number, you can go to your dealer for the greycard and serial number to retrieve the car radio code .

Code Insertion Method

It’s nice to find the unlock code of the car stereo of your Volkswagen vehicle, but the ideal is to know how to insert it into the device. It is necessary to follow a number of steps. Initially, it is necessary to press the “ Scan ” and “ Mode ” buttons on the car radio for 5 to 10 seconds. This manipulation will result in the display of the number “1000” which you must then substitute with the code. The car radio code Volkswagen is a 4-digit code. For example, to enter code 3462, press the “1″ button three times to Include “3″ in the first column, press the button “2″ four times to include “4″ in the second column, press the “3″ button six times to include “6″ in the third column and finally double-press the button “4″ include “2″ in the fourth column.

At the end of the operation, make sure you have entered the code correctly. Press “Scan” and “Mode” again for 5-10 seconds so that the code enters the system. Immediately the radio must start again.

The Volkswagen car radio is a sophisticated device that allows you to make a new driving experience. To find its code if necessary, you must follow each of the steps.

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