Travel to Cyprus: all you need to discover !

Your next holiday destination is found: it’s a trip to Cyprus that you will make! This island has something to seduce by the beauty of its beaches and its many cultural places to discover. To make your trip perfect, we have prepared a small selection of places to visit and discover during your trip to Cyprus!

Troodos Mountains: a breathtaking landscape!

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It is part of one of the most beautiful landscapes Cyprus offers. This range rises to 2,000 m high and covered by a huge forest in which chapels and small mountain villages are sometimes hidden. The different routes you can take to discover the Troodos range offer you all beautiful scenery. There is no trip to Cyprus without a passage through the Troodos chain!

The plain of Mesooria and its plantations

It offers you very different landscapes of the Troodos chain. Here, it is citrus plantations, fields of olive trees or almond trees that leave themselves admire. The plain is watered by the Pedieos River. This is a stunning place to see absolutely during your trip to Cyprus!

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The rock of Aphrodite: a legend to discover

Cyprus is considered the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. According to legend, she was born from the scum of the sea. It was on the west coast and more precisely near the great rock Petra tou Romiou that she appeared. A visit to make, if only for the legend you will discover more on this page.

A visit to the Akamas Peninsula is necessary during a trip to Cyprus!

It is located at the western end of the island. It is one of the few places not to be invaded by tourists and that is spared from all construction. You can enjoy its deserted beaches and for hikers, the trails will allow you to admire the animals and the different plant species present.

The area of Ayia Napa for its beaches!

If you are on a trip to Cyprus, you will necessarily hear about the region of Agia Napa which is the fashionable seaside destination because this is where you will find the most beautiful beaches on the island. You even have the possibility to rent a boat for the day to get away from the coast and to swim quietly!

A break at the old port of Kyrenia

It is bordered by old warehouses that once housed carob seeds. Today, warehouses house cafes and restaurants from where you can contemplate the mountain in the distance and the Turkish schooners in the port. This is an opportunity to live a moment of break apart.

A bit of history with the archaeological site of Paphos

It is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the city of Paphos. If you only had to visit one during your trip to Cyprus, it would be this one. You can discover the remains of the ancient city that date back to the 4th century BC.

Nicosia’s Old Town for some shopping

In the northern part of the city, you can go to Leda Street where there are many shops with an old look, as well as stalls and cafes. Take the opportunity to visit the mosque, hammam and museums of the city!

Kolossi Castle: a place steeped in history

This fortress is located in the vicinity of Limassol. In the Middle Ages, the castle housed a sugar factory. It was built in the 13th century and rebuilt in the 5th century. He then became the Great Commandery of Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

St. Lazarus Church of Cyprus

It has been installed in the centre of Larnaca since the end of the Fixed Century. During the Ottoman period, it was transformed into a mosque and then again became a church at the end of the 6th century, as explained here.