Transportable lift lift WDW LIFT 5500: our opinion

We had already touched on garage equipment in general, but it was difficult to properly maintain a vintage car without seeing what was going on underneath it. In this context, the issue of the lift lift always arises at some point, even for individuals. Autocollec offers you to bypass the forces in the presence, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

But before we talk about lifting, we still dedicate a few lines to the solution of passing below the car to work with…

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In our opinion, this is the right bad idea (speechless). A garage pit will only allow you to unload the engine and the box, or even work on the exhaust line. But you will not be able to touch running trains because the car stays on the wheels, or drop the engine of a Porsche or Volkswagen. If you absolutely keep to make a pit, think carefully about its height. Finally, the risks of infiltration water, heavy gas poisoning and falls should not be obscured. It is not for nothing that professionals gave up this solution.

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With one, two or four columns, mobile or fixed, scissors, mechanical or hydraulic, lifting ramps… there is something for everyone!

1) Column bridge mono

Cost . The main advantage is that it is usually mobile. It is also less cumbersome than a 2-column or 4-column bridge while lifting up to 2 m. But it has one major drawback: its transverse range, which will prohibit work in the center of a drain line or drive shaft.: from 2.500 euros TTC

2) Two Column Bridge

Cost The lift that accumulates all the advantages… provided that it has space because it is very greedy in width: you need to count a footprint in width from 3m60 to 3m80 depending on the models. but with two columns you will be able to do EVERYONE (except the geometry of the wheels that are suspended). Attention, it will be necessary to offer him a reinforced masonry and make clean anchors on the floor. And up have the crossbar recessed on the floor so that you do not have a problem with very low cars.: from 1,300€ VAT included

3) The Four Columns Bridge

Cost The four columns is like a pit, except that you can use it to store an additional car, not a negligible advantage. With it, you will not be able to drop the wheels but you will be able to make geometry to the old-fashioned… Less bulky and more fixing only one two columns. With lifting aid (about 700 euros), it will be possible to lift the AV or AR train to work on brakes or hubs. Count the footprint of 2m70 to 2m90 in width: from 2.300 euros TTC

4) Deck scissors with cylinders

Slightly space-saving (12 cm on the folded floor), the elevator to Scissors can also be recessed to the floor and not protrude. With a lifting capacity of up to 1m10, this small bridge is similar to a lift table and makes it easy to work on Porsche or VW trains and engines at the rear. The icing on the cake is mobile.

Cost But like a one-column bridge, it does not allow to intervene in the center of the car. In order for the chisel to slip well, the floor must be well smooth. On the other hand, its lifting height is somewhat limited.: from 1 200€ TTC

5) The bridge with double scissors

Cost Double version of the previous model, erased the main defect allowing it to work under the entire length of the car. Two classes of lifting heights: 1m10 and 1m85 and accepts higher loads. Once it folds its waist is also very small.: from 1,800 euros to 3,000 euros

6) 2 Column Swing Bridge (Wheel Dealers)

Popularized by the show Wheeler Dealers France, the bridge with 2 oscillating columns Finkbeiner seems to gain all the qualities: None yet on the ground, mobile, mobile by one person, lifting 1m85… It offers all the possibilities of a 2-column bridge, less masonry and more mobility. But this 4-star solution has a price: almost 8,000 euros Difficult to make a profit for amateur use…


Choice Between the scissor bridges and the 2 oscillating columns “Wheeler Dealers”, our heart… On the one hand, the 4-star solution that will allow you to do anything that requires an investment beyond the reach of most enthusiasts. On the other hand, a lightweight solution, convenient and easy to implement. And in the version “facelift 1m85” you can tout faire avec…

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