Training in the manufacture of sushi: sushiman

Who has not already enjoyed sushi, sashimi, or maki in a Japanese restaurant? Did you know that the art of making sushi bears a name? Becoming sushiman is possible by learning the very peculiar and ancestral knowledge coming straight from Japan. We talk to you in details about the sushiman profession: embark on sushi and become a pro of Japanese cuisine!

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  • : The Art of Sushi Pushed to its peak
    • Become a Sushiman: A Challenge for Sushiman
    • Japanese Culture and Cooking Talent
  • Sushiman Missions
    • Developing Recipes and Inspiring
  • Sushiman Skills
  • Manufacture of sushi: what training?
  • What salary in Japanese cuisine and sushi?

Sushiman: the art of sushi pushed to its peak

The rice was discovered in the middle of the seventeenth century. Embellished with rice vinegar and raw fish, here are the premises of sushi in all their glory. However, sushi did not really appear until the 19th century in Japan , in cooking.

Cooking enthusiasts then became closely interested in this high-end culinary practice made in Japan, especially in the 20th century. Sushi became known, democratized and indeed emerged from Japanese culture to conquer world restaurants.

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Becoming a sushiman: a challenge of rigour

Are you doing a little bit in the kitchen? To become sushiman, it is not enough to master some cooking techniques. These delights from Asia and more particularly from Japan are made according to the rules of Japanese art . Even if you have already made sushi with a sushi kit, it does will not really be possible to work in a restaurant as a sushiman, unless you have an overflowing talent and a very strict discipline, from the outset.

You need to know how to stand out, and this, thanks to a comprehensive training to become sushiman. The result must be perfect and up to the customer’s expectations. Because when it comes to working fresh fish in the kitchen, the Japanese do not joke, with taste, technique, hygiene, traditional protocol and know-how.

Japanese culture and cooking talent

Making sushi is an art. To become a sushiman, you must conduct training that will support your request for work in a restaurant, especially in Paris. Cultures are brewed in the capital and Japanese restaurants are looking for Japanese cuisine talents to serve the best sushi to their customers.

In France, the Japanese do not come particularly to work in sushi restaurants. And, noteworthy, it is not necessary to be Japanese to embark on sushi and Japanese cuisine. Sushiman is formed according to the traditional method and will put its knowledge into practice after proving its rigor and method. You have to be up to it if you want to become an excellent sushiman in a restaurant for which you will make a reputation.

The missions of the sushiman

Sushi works with the best ingredients and the best possible techniques. Being sushiman requires rigor, perfect know-howand impeccable hygiene . You must also have a sense of culinary aesthetics, highly appreciated in cooking and a trademark of Japanese cuisine.

A sushiman selects its foods and creates derivations of traditional Japanese sushi. This allows him to offer in restaurants in France specialties recognized for their taste and appreciated by the French population.

Develop recipes and build inspiration

The recipes made by a sushiman can therefore be directly inspired by the Japanese art of sushi, sashimi and maki. They can also be adapted to local tastes and show originality . That’s what people like about cooking, by the way. The journey through flavors, the discovery of countless possibilities in the kitchen.

The skills of sushiman

A perfect sushiman should have the following skills:

  • Sushi no longer has a secret for sushiman;
  • He can make sushi to chain, always with the same rigor;
  • He selects his food among the best;
  • He is skillful in his hands;
  • It is rigorous about the hygiene standards of restaurants: sushi is made by hand, with gloves;
  • He must obviously be passionate about sushi and everything related to Japan…
  • Patience is required before becoming a sushi chef: you will make mistakes!
  • Finally, the sense of organization is essential when making sushi.

The profession of sushiman is recognized: but how to access it?

Manufacture of sushi: what training?

Training to make sushi with excellence is a private training. There is, so to speak, no public training to access this profession of Japanese cuisine.

A private school will welcome you to a rigorous learning curriculum. There are Sushi Prod or Chef Sushi , among private schools that may be of interest to you.

If you are really motivated and passionate about Japanese culture and Japan, take a trip and ask to learn from the greatest. On a blow of luck…

What salary in Japanese cuisine and sushi?

In gross monthly, a professional in the manufacture of Japanese sushi can earn between 1500 and 2000 euros. If you find a reputable restaurant job and your cooking talent is noticed, of course, the salary will be higher.

The possibilities for evolution as a sushi manufacturer are obvious. After a number of years of experience, you have the opportunity toopen a restaurant or even several restaurants in Paris. France is quite open to this kind of initiative, all you have to do is start!