Training and trade: becoming a travel agent

Do you have the idea of becoming a travel agent and working in the tourism sector? What training is needed to get a job in a travel agency? What are the missions of the travel agent and how to access this profession that opens up to dreams… Look no further, all the answers to your questions are here.

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  • agent: its missions
    • Work in a travel agency
  • The skills of a travel agent
  • Business travel and tourism: customer satisfaction
  • What tourism studies?
  • Opportunities, career, travel agent salary

Travel agent: its missions

A travel agent holds a position in a travel agency, most of the time. He organizes and prepares trips ordered by families, couples or any person wishing to go on a trip and go through an agency for the organization of the stay. Whether for work or for holidays , in France or in a foreign country, the travel agent is responsible for managing the stay from A to Z.

Moving, accommodation, catering… Everything is possible. The travel agent’s benefits are diverse and varied. Because trips are sometimes complex to organize, the travel agent offers, and the customer disposes. From the sale of a simple plane ticket to the tour entirely organized by the travel agent, missions are primarily focused on customer satisfaction for their trip.

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Work in a travel agency

The travel agent operates in an agency, often behind a counter. Exercising the trade of remote travel agent is also possible, via platforms telephone systems and reservation centers designed to offer the same type of quality services to customers.

Work in an agency involves possessing certain skills and qualities, both on the technical and the human side. The travel agent knows how to handle computers and is comfortable with IT . The use of software is common when working in a travel agency or remotely.

Every travel agent must have an excellent sense of relationship , whether it be with their clients or with colleagues. Since its mission is to meet the customer’s expectations in the best possible way and with fair pricing, knowing how to listen to requests is paramount.

In your future job, you can also travel to test destinations and formulas.

The skills of an agent of travel

The perfect knowledge of the products and services offered by the travel agency is required, in order to sell commercial services in accordance with the reality of the agency and the company’s values. Products sold by the travel agent can range from a single night in a hotel to the complete organisation of an original à la carte stay for the customer.

Remember that you also have to make dream by offering the services of your travel agency. A competent, pleasant, friendly, available and helpful travel agent will always be appreciated.

Good resistance to stress in the face of an unexpected is a good quality to have. Indeed, it is also the reputation of the travel agency that is at stake. Through online rating systems, news circulates fast and can serve as a service the interest of the travel agency.

Finally, being multilingual is essential : speaking at least 3 languages is welcome. Your clientele is international and you need to adapt. English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic… Foreign languages are important when you want to become a travel agent.

Business Travel and Tourism: Customer Satisfaction

A customer who goes on a trip, whether for a business trip or as part of tourism, awaits a quality service for the price paid. The travel agent is therefore attentive to the wishes of the customer and accesses his requests according to availability and possibilities.

Because sometimes trips abroad involve total lack of knowledge of certain cultures, habits or possibilities, the travel agent can be brought to guide, advise, guide and organize the stay . These advisory missions can be reassuring for those who decide to order a little “unusual” trips.

For a business trip, the same applies. A travel agent may be asked to plan everything for a commercial stay. Services include:

  • Proposal of destinations;
  • Proposal of airplane flights and means of transport;
  • Management of any on-the-spot travel;
  • Choosing accommodation;
  • Advice on good catering addresses;
  • Information on possible recreation;
  • Proposals of personalized formulas at advantageous rates (packages, etc.)

What tourism studies?

To become a travel agent, it is obviously studies of tourism trades that are envisaged. The simplest and most effective training is the BTS Tourism, which is specifically designed to focus on the profession of travel agent.

Other tourism training opportunities exist :

  • Professional Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism;
  • Specialized schools (training accessible to Bac 2): travel advisor
  • Bac Tourism design and marketing; etc.

The routes leading to the trade of travel agent are not exclusive. In these tourism training courses, you learn the design of travel.

Opportunities, career, travel agent salary

After studying tourism, you become a travel agent. After a few years of experience, it is quite possible to become a director or director of a travel agency .

The salary of the travel agent depends experience and objectives fulfilled . A junior travel agent may start at SMIC but may also start with a fixed share lower than the SMIC, with additional remuneration by the employer if the objectives to be met were not met.

After 5 years of experience, the salary of a travel agent can be up to 29000 euros gross annually . Wages may vary depending on regions, tourist areas, etc.