Thrush baby: unrecognized child disease

You know the baby’s thrush? This childish mouth disease is relatively little known but quite widespread. If it is not serious, however, it remains to be monitored in the very small child, like any childhood pathology. You are told everything about the baby’s thrush, the symptoms of this infection at the oral level and its treatment.

Thrush of the baby or baby candidiasis

If you notice that your baby cries more often than usual and a funny white deposit covers the inside of his mouth or tongue, you probably have a thrush. At first it can be thought that this is a natural deposit of milk in the baby’s mouth and on his tongue. But in reality, this is a benign infection of the oral environment.

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Baby thrush is also called white tongue disease. Its origin is found in the presence (in infestation) of a fungus named candida albicans. Candida albicans then causes the development of candidiasis in the baby (and in adults).

Origin of baby thrush

Thrush is an unknown infection of parents until the arrival of a baby, but it is a very common benign “disease”. It can occur as a result of a problem with candidiasis in the mother during pregnancy, for example (vaginal mycosis difficult to eliminate, etc.). The thrush of the baby can ask questions about the continuity of breastfeeding . For this reason, it is necessary to consult a Infant and breastfeeding specialist, in order to have appropriate advice and corresponding to your situation.

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Thrush can develop in the baby quite quickly. Between 5 and 7% of babies are affected directly after childbirth. Thrush appears not only by maternal transmission. A thrush may appear after baby has carried certain contaminated objects to the mouth. Even under surveillance, thrush will be difficult to prevent as all objects in the house and waiting rooms are not sterilized.

Thrush baby: a benign oral infection

The thrush of the baby appears and forms deposits that can be akin to lesions. These remain benign and often simple treatment can be enough to eliminate this childhood oral candidiasis.

Symptoms that do not deceive in the baby with thrush


  • A white oral deposit that does not go to the washcloth;
  • Potential diaper rash (affected mucous membranes);
  • A tongue, a palate, gums and the inside of the cheeks affected as by aphthae;
  • Difficulties in sucking;
  • An irritable and rather prawing baby.

Treatment of thrush in baby

The thrush of the baby is not a serious disease in itself. However, it must be monitored. The first thing to do is to have your baby’s thrush diagnosed with a pediatrician. If your baby’s oral thrush does not disappear on its own , then your doctor will prescribe an antifungal suitable for your baby.

It is essential not to self-medicate when it comes to babies and infants. If thrush is not serious, it is necessary to follow the age-appropriate treatment of your baby and its specifics.

Antifungicides or fungicides can be applied directly in the form of a gel in the baby’s mouth. These can soothe baby, especially if candidiasis and fungus are well settled and begin to become painful. Other solutions come in the form of lotion , such as nystatin in suspension. For mom, it is good to know that local treatment will be applied to the nipple in order to stop the proliferation of the fungus and to be able to continue breastfeeding serene.