The best payroll software

In business, the use of good payroll software is essential to the proper functioning of the processes. But what are the best payroll software today? What criteria and features to make your choice when you need efficient and qualitative payroll software? You are told everything below.

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  • Payroll Software: The Best Management Tool Overview of
  • Payroll Software
    • Sage PayFit and HR
    • PayFit: an online solution
    • Heaven Payroll
    • Payroll
    • Nibelis

Payroll software: the ultimate management tool

Payroll software is primarily a tool that contributes to the smooth management of payroll in the enterprise. Because every HR department needs good payroll software, we decided to tell you about the best software known to date, to help you make your choice.

The quality of good payroll software makes it possible to conduct the management of payslips in an optimal and regulatory manner. By using this kind of software, a company avoids using external services and generating exceptional and additional costs. Companies also avoid a significant amount of administrative procedures, all being centralized in the payroll software.

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With the evolution of technology and digital technology, HR and payroll management have also evolved. Payroll software is now available online and is accessible to any company wishing to conduct its payroll management reliably and transparently.

Payroll Software Overview

We will introduce you to 5 qualitative payroll software that we liked, with their features, their advantages but also their limitations.

Sage Payroll and HR

Sage Payroll and HR is one of the best known and comprehensive payroll software available among the many software available. This payroll management solution makes it easy to get out of paysheets. It adapts, can be adjusted by its user and most importantly, it is very easy to use .

Sage Payroll and HR prepares all payslips in advance and takes into account specific cases , such as leave or employee absences. Payroll software enables payroll transfers to be automated and any payroll remains available for 10 years.

Social statements are fully up-to-date and it is even possible to customize payslips . Discover also the HR features of Sage Payroll and HR, the bonus of this software pays.

The only limit is that this software is available in many versions — a bit confusing.

PayFit: an online solution

With PayFit, you save time and money with a powerful payroll management tool. The data is processed efficiently and intuitively. The software can be used by any type of business, SMEs or even large groups , such as Sage Payroll and HR. PayFit is only online, which makes it very secure, but also makes it unavailable if you have any concern about the internet.

PayFit is piloted in a very simple way. On the payroll market, it stands out well thanks to its management options that require no real expertise, but simply common sense. PayFit responds well to the needs of businesses in terms of payroll management and automation.

The software takes includes all contracts but also trainees and apprentices . It generates the paycards with ease and takes into account absences and holidays, but also travel and bonuses.

Only limit : little tracking for this software, if not an online help: hoping that the implementation does not put you off.

Payroll Sky

Ciel Paye has been in the payroll software landscape for some time and has proven itself. Pioneer in this field, Ciel Paye comes in two different packs , with extended features on the more expensive version.

This payroll management software is forward-thinking and has shown the way to other payroll management software. Simple and efficient, it manages leave, automatically creates payslips and automatically pays wages, just like other payroll software. Many features all useful and very effective, such as legal obligations, social declarations , etc.

The bonus? With Ciel Paye, you have as a customer an after-sales service in the form oftelephone assistance . Useful if you need to be well guided on the implementation of the software and on the first steps.

Only limit : the cheapest version allows 20 pay slips per month, which just like this may be insufficient.


With Payroll, you have high-performance access to payroll management. The software is very easy to use, but this simplicity implies that it has few options. On request, the Payroll software creates payroll sheets that meet the standards.

Payroll is ideal for any business looking for a simple, reliable, inexpensive payroll management solution. The lack of complex features such as differentiated server backup or customization of payslips for employees also justifies its cost. Effective overall.

Only limit : perfect, but for a small company (less than 10 employees).


Nibelis is an online payroll management solution that uses a cloud. Practical, efficient, reliable and secure , Nibelis stores all your data while being able to generate it. Just like the payroll software presented above, Nibelis is just as intuitive and easy to get started and used.

Payslips are created in automation, just like all legal data (conventions, taxes, etc.). You have easy access to your data: make sure you have internet access. Nibelis is perfect in terms of Navigation and online grip .

Theonly limit is that options don’t necessarily stand out with Nibelis, which remains an excellentstandard payroll solution. An HR management part is available.

All you have to do is choose the online payroll solution that suits you!