The advantages of a wireless windscreen defroster

The cordless windscreen defroster is a well efficient machine for those who own a car. This product makes it possible to defrost a car windscreen quickly. No more scraper and long minutes waiting in the cold and with heating. You are presented with all the advantages of the electric and wireless windscreen defroster.

What is a windshield deicer?

A windscreen defroster is a device that is actually likely to change you the life in winter. We all had this moment, in the middle of winter, when we would have liked to anticipate. Cold and moisture form frost on the windscreen . Can’t get rid of frost without competition scraper? Tired of using the scraper and cold hands?

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Windscreen defroster revolutionizes defrosting and lets you drop old defrosting methods. Non-functional scraper, not powerful enough heating… Have you tested a cordless electric windscreen defroster? This appliance is mainly marketed by the brand Kärcher , a leader in household appliances of this type.

Karcher electric windscreen defroster

Karcher quality is no longer to be presented, since Karcher made a name especially with the advent of the pressure washer. German quality is no longer to be proven and devices manufactured by this brand are part of a high range of products.

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The windscreen defroster is an innovative device that acts on the frost of your windscreen. You no longer have to anticipate defrosting for 10 minutes by letting the engine run. Neither need a special or ergonomic scraper and squeegee… You also avoid using harmful products (containing gas under pressure) such as spray bombs. With the electric windshield defroster, you act in no time on the frost that prevents you from hitting the road.

How does an electric windscreen defroster work?

The electric windscreen defroster is a machine that works very simply. The electric windscreen defroster prevents thermal shock . You are no longer afraid of the strength of your windscreen in the middle of winter. You also do not need to fetch water and pour it on the windscreen at the risk of breaking the ice.

The operation of an electric windscreen defroster is accessible to everyone. You hold the electric windshield defroster in your hand and pass it as you go on your windscreen. The machine has 6 plastic blades fixed on a tray .

Just like a grinder or rather a sander, the electric windscreen defroster will act by clearing ice, frost or snow without the slightest effort. The electric windscreen defroster acts without damaging your windscreen : this element is an important asset.

The electric windscreen defroster does not work with hot air, which simply eliminates the risk of ice breakage by thermal shock.

Your electric windscreen defroster and Rechargeable

The electric windshield defroster is rechargeable. This device is compact and fits into any trunk. Your electric windscreen defroster can even be stored in the glove box, as it takes up very little space. You can charge the electric windshield defroster on the cigarette lighter of your car. What could be easier with this small device than plugging it directly into the car when its battery is empty ?

The electric windscreen defroster is charged by plugging into 12 volt, after using a 12V 220V transformer. So you can use your electric windscreen defroster with a 12 volt 220 volt cigarette lighter converter . Your charger then plugs directly into the car’s cigarette lighter. You can then use your cordless electric windscreen defroster during the defrosting.

The specifics of wireless electric windscreen defroster

The cordless electric windscreen defroster sold by Karcher (for example) is a device equipped with plastic blade protection . Karcher provides after-sales service and offers spare parts if you ever lose this defroster protection.

The cordless electric windscreen defroster can be used equally well on the front windscreen, rear windscreen and side windows of the car. This device is specially designed to fit any type of vehicle or car.

The plastic blade rotation system of this cordless electric windscreen defroster has been specially designed to not damage the windscreen. No matter your car model, you can be sure that this machine will fit it very well. This very practical accessory, Inexpensive and low-electricity greedy finally allows you to defrost your car effortlessly and quickly.

What price for an electric windshield defroster?

For your car, opt for quality. The brand is a benchmark in this field and offers high performance wireless electric windshield defrosters. These devices are compact and can be found commercially very easily. In particular, you can order your electric windscreen deicer online on an Amazon-like online sales platform.

Prices can range from 60 euros to 90 euros depending on the dealers. Amazon regularly offers promotions on its products: you will find the right price for your electric windscreen defroster online. It is also possible to find a cordless electric windscreen defroster in large areas. Go to the car department and vehicles, maintenance and care section of the car.

This compact device can quite be sold in large areas if the car radius is sufficiently supplied. In a specialized trade, you can find a cordless electric windshield defroster. As in all specialty stores, prices can be higher than ordering online on e-commerce sites like Amazon.