Super ethanol: for which car?

Superethanol, also called bioethanol or E85 is a green fuel that is increasingly in vogue. The main reason? The E85 superethanol fuel is not formulated with fossil fuel and thus preserves the resources of the planet. In addition, E85 ethanol costs less at the pump , but is not adaptable to all vehicles. Review of superethanol compatibilities.

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  • E85 ethanol kit: how does it work?
  • The advantages of converting to superethanol
  • Superethanol: for which engine?

Kit ethanol E85: how does it work?

When you want to switch to super ethanol, conversion is possible with a kit. Your super ethanol kit includes an electronic box, an electrical wiring harness for injectors , a probe temperature (according to super ethanol kits) and assembly manual. The bioethanol kit is easy to use.

The super ethanol case is usually connected to your smartphone via an app if this is the option you have chosen. You have your hand over the amount and proportion of super ethanol you want to use on your gasoline engine.

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The installation of an E85 ethanol kit is done on the injectors of compatible cars. Simple connection operations are carried out by a professional of the installation of superethanol kit E85. Instantly, you can save money on your fuel and gasoline bill by switching to green fuel to ethanol.

Advantages of converting to superethanol

The advantages of installing an E85 ethanol case on your vehicle are numerous:

  • An advantageous economy on gasoline bill to pump
  • You pollute less than with an unleaded petrol car
  • The engine is cleaner and can become quieter
  • You reduce France’s energy dependence on fuel!
  • You help preserve the planet

In short, there are only advantages of switching to superethanol. Bioethanol saves you significantly, especially when you know the price of gasoline today. You’re moving to an E85 ethanol fuel price per litre that defies any competition .

Did you know that? France has many petrol and bioethanol fuel stations E85: no worry about sourcing and refueling super ethanol at the pump. A smartphone apoplication lists for you the super ethanol fuel stations E85.

Superethanol: for which engine?

Super Ethanol is not compatible with any engine and vehicle. A box is installed on your vehicle in no more than 30 minutes, if your car is compatible (year, fuel used, etc.).

The E85 ethanol and its housing are compatible with certain vehicles:

  • Any indirect injection gasoline car registered between 1991 and 2000 is compatible with the fuel and ethanol kit E85
  • No risk of damage to the engine if you meet these prerequisites
  • Adjustments will be required: changes in gasoline hoses, etc.
  • Any indirect injection gasoline car marketed from 2000 onwards is also compatible, without the need to change the fuel hoses. Manufacturers have taken into account the potential presence of ethanol in super unleaded petrol.

A kit ethanol E85 will usually be offered to you with a warranty regarding the device and its installation. Switching to super ethanol fuel is a sign of progress in the environmental situation of the planet. If your vehicle is compatible and can accept a super ethanol box, then decide. A liter of superethanol fuel will cost you only 60 euro cents, an unbeatable price .

Ethanol E85, as an alternative fuel to fossil fuels , is very promising for the future. Bioethanol is both beneficial to the driver, who is a consumer, and to the planet, which is struggling with the endless exploitation of resources.

Switch to super ethanol now: check the compatibility of your car with an E85 ethanol kit and ask for a quote on the installation of a superethanol kit.