Should I buy a mobile home in a campsite?

Investing in a mobile home or stone?

Investing in a mobile home can allow you to have a pied à terre for your future holidays. This is often practical in the current context of recomposed families with children who unfortunately live at a distance from one of the two parents. For example, if you live in the Atlantic Loire all year round and your child is in PACA, you can look to buy accommodation on the side of Marseille . So is it more interesting to buy a mobile home in a Marseilles campsite that you can rent when you are not present, or should you invest in a furnished accommodation?

  1. This obviously depends on your budget above all. The price per m2 must therefore be looked closely and also according to the districts of the city. Think that in a campsite, even if you own your mobile home, you will have an annual rent to pay in more.
  2. Maintenance is the second point to take into account. Often the maintenance of green spaces is carried out by the campsite itself and you will not have a facade to do.
  3. The need for availability is another point. A campsite is not open year-round, so you will not be able to rent your mobile home from January to December. In return you will not have to pay a housing tax or property tax.

If neither one of these solutions suits you, you still have the opportunity to invest in housing that you will be rented by the year and you will be able to benefit alongside the advantages of investment in Pinel law for example.

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