Roofing cleaning: how to avoid traps and scams?

Spring is already radiating on our doorstep. It’s high time to do the big spring cleaning. The roof (or your pool) will most certainly need a good cleaning shot. However, even with craftsmen, the risk of dealing with scammers or scammers still exists, especially at times when this kind of service is in great demand. How then to avoid the traps of scammers to clean your roof?

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Article plan The

  • already well-oiled methods of scammers
  • Contraindications and products not to be used
  • Adequate products and the right methods for proper roofing cleaning

The already well-oiled methods of scammers

The evil does not show up on the face of people. Most scammers are very helpful . They socialize very quickly to better scam their victim. The first thing to take into account is the fact that a crook will always want to speed things up. Time plays against him. Therefore, he will want his victim’s decision to be made quickly.

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Then most of these individuals do not want to leave traces. They require to be paid in cash. However, for such work, the law requires transparency and therefore traceability of transactions. Then, the customer should pay attention to craftsmen who have no reference to offer. References are a kind of guarantee of the craftsmanship and skills of the craftsman. And finally, the customer should pay attention to too large deviations in price. Make quotes with several professionals . If the price is too tempting, there is necessarily an eel under rock.

Here are some advice from the English Channel State services:

Contraindications and products not to use

When it comes to cleaning the roof, vigilance is always a matter of rigor. Of course, the temptation is always great to have the roof clean and quickly. These are the primary arguments of traders and scammers of all kinds. On the other hand, consumers must be aware that certain products are not good for such services. Thus, bleach, a common product used by scammers (, is not indicated for cleaning a roof. This product is even contraindicated on materials such as clay tile. Indeed, it risks not only permanently altering the material, but in addition to this it promotes the proliferation of certain fungi.

The right products and the right methods for proper roofing cleaning

The best method for washing a roofing is still to pass high pressure water on it. However, attention should be paid to fragile materials such as slate. The high-pressure washing device should be used with great care. Companies specializing in facade and roofing cleaning such as make a point of honor to use High quality. Some have even been designed so as not to have an impact on the structure of the house, let alone the health of the occupants.

For roofs susceptible to foaming growth, defoams of the biodegradable typeshould be used. When the roof is clean enough, cleaning professionals recommend using water-repellent products to avoid premature wear of latoiture materials.