Rearview camera: tips for choosing a rear view camera

Parking maneuvers, whether with a car, a motorhome or any other vehicle, are sometimes difficult to do, even when you have a very good vision. Thinking about buying a rear view camera for your car? Here are some tips on how to not lose the wire and choose your rear view camera according to the specifics of your car.

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  • Why choose a rear view camera?
    • The innovative rear view camera
  • How to choose your rear view camera right?
    • Wireless reversing camera
    • Wired reversing camera Rearview
  • camera: what criteria to take into account
  • Where do you go to get your vehicle insurance?

Why choose a rear view camera?

Reversing requires some attention. With caution, it is important to take its precautions before any maneuver. A rear view camera can help you maneuver well and stay safe. Indeed, a rear view camera allows you toexpand the field of view on the back. You take another dimension when reversing: the strategy becomes simple and your driving is more secure.

Drivers know well, the rear view camera is a valuable tool to avoid snags and all sorts of little worries. You almost no longer have to turn around, and in addition to relying on your mirrors, you have the invaluable help of your rear-view camera with display. Sometimes, some elements and details escape us despite all the precautions taken. With a rear view camera, at a glance, you can perceive everything behind your car or camper.

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The innovative reversing camera

On some vans and small trucks, for example, there is no central mirror. This lack of vision is a hand to take but can be highly destabilizing. A rear view camera compensates for this lack by giving you all the visual information necessary for precise and secure maneuvering .

To avoid missing an angle and to see at night thanks to anintegrated LED lighting system, you are no longer afraid to enter the neighbor’s car after a night trip, or spoil other vehicles while on the go.

Among the major innovations on the rear view camera, the LCD screen serves as a real video monitor for driving and maneuvering. A plus, when you lack visibility or even confidence during the small maneuvers of everyday life. It would be a shame, without a rear view camera, to damage a new car !

To choose your rear view camera at the best quality/price ratio, we advise you.

How to choose your rear view camera correctly?

With the arrival of many models of rear-view cameras on the market, how to choose your rear view camera right? You can choose between several types of rearview cameras: the wireless rearview camera and the wired rearview camera.

Wireless reversing camera

A wireless rear view camera is very convenient. In addition to giving you a wider view on the back of your car — or any other type of vehicle — the wireless rear view camera is often equipped with several useful options to purchase:

  • Waterproof rear view camera;
  • Reversing camera with LCD display (various sizes in inches);
  • Reversing camera with integrated led for night vision;
  • Auto reversing camera serving as real video monitor maneuvering;
  • Reversing cameras in free shipping and in kit

The rear view camera works on the principle of live video . The image you perceive, in daytime or night mode, is the real representation of what is happening in the back of your car. No pattern or confusing drawing: you have direct visual access to the image.

Plus : thanks to the LED light present on this innovative product, you can see the license plate of the vehicle behind you, a strong point of view to know exactly where to stop while parking.

Wired reversing camera

The wired rear view camera is one of the models that tend to be a bit old. These rear view cameras tend to be overtaken by new technologies, including the development of wireless and wifi.

The camera of Wired recoil is directly connected to the screen by a wire. The advantage of the wired rearview camera is its lack of latency compared to a wireless/wifi rearview camera. The transmission of visual information is instantaneous. That being said, the wired rear view camera is more complex to install than a wireless rear view camera.

Rearview camera: what criteria to take into account

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a rear view camera:

  • Video image quality: recommended high definition;
  • The width of the lens (wide lens recommended);
  • The storage capacity of the rear view camera: any image can be saved in internal memory if desired;
  • The practical side: reversing camera wired or wireless?
  • The size of the screen of your rear view camera (in inches)

Reversing cameras are at all prices, depending on the options you choose. Online, many stores offer various reversing cameras in stock and available for free shipping. Make your choice of rear view camera in just a few clicks! You also have the option to pair your camera with your car radio, for interesting and innovative features .

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