Prepa Code : Prepare your road code

Preparing your traffic code is essential as a result, including passing the exam of the code, which will give you the sesame to introduce yourself to the driver’s license exam. Back on the benefits of Prepacode, the software that allows you to prepare your code online.

Prepacode: convenient to prepare your code

Succeeding your road code is the goal of many young (and old!) before they can register for the driver’s licence examination. To prepare your auto code, today, the classic solution is to go follow series of code directly to the car school where you are enrolled. To go faster and give yourself all the chances of success , your car school gives you the opportunity to continue these exercises at home, using the online software Prepacode.

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Prepacode: preparing for code review at home

The Prepacode solution was implemented by the ENPC (National Editions du licence de driver) and allows anyone wishing to make additional code revisions , outside of the car school, at home. A plus for motivated students who want to take the exam as quickly as possible and who do not have much time on a daily basis, for example. Prepacode also allows people who can not often travel to the car school, to quietly continue the series of tests at home without being penalized by the lack of regularity.

The Prepa Code solution is first and foremost practical and puts you in conditions similar to those of the road code review. Online test series are timed and you are noted, just like driving school.

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We all know, it is the intensive and serious preparation (on the basis of regularity of the test series) that will allow you to get the traffic code and pass your completely serene code exam . Well prepared, all you have to do is face the exam as if you were at home.

How does it work, Prepacode?

The Prépacode software is used today in driving schools and officially prepares you for the passage of the road code exam. If you are enrolled in a driving school, usually you have free and free access to online test series. Prepacode is therefore included in your registration fee : enjoy it! Your driving school provides you with a login, you choose a password and you’re done.

Your instructor can track your training and attendance remotely and guide you or encourage you on certain points to review in your Prepacode test series.

The Prepacode app is not elsewhere a bonus, today: wherever you go, on a journey where during a break, you will find all your series of tests Prepa code on your smartphone.

Prepacode: the situation above all

Prépacode is a very well thought out educational software: it puts you in a situation before submitting yourself to the exam of the Traffic Code. You do your test series online, you alternate with driving school if you get an enrollment.

Prepacode can be purchased , for all learners who are not enrolled in auto school. The ENPC (National Editions of Driver’s Licence) guide you. To rewrite the exam, you will need to register in a driving school.

Namely: there is no “Prepa motorcycle code” but only the car version, with various situations: priorities, overtaking, STOP sign, roundabouts, positioning on the road, etc. Good training, good course and good review of the traffic code with Prepa code!