Papier mache: recipe and tutorial

Want a nice afternoon to wrap in the papier-mache? Let’s go, we give you the famous recipe for papier-mache and a little tutorial. Take the time and especially a lot of fun doing this activity with the children. Whether you are a parent, kindergarten assistant or educator, this is certainly not clean but so funny! Creativity, sculpture and carnival characters are yours!

What exactly is papier-mache?

Paper mache is a pulp made from newspaper, flour and water . It can be used to make a box, frame, decorative items for Christmas, Easter… Like cardboard, papier-mache once dry can even compete with the strength of wood!

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Making figurines, boxes, characters or decorative objects in paper mache is a very fun and enjoyable activity. And everyone can participate! Children, grandparents, parents, friends… We do not deprive ourselves of good times like these and we put your hands to the dough!

Do you want to make a papier-mache support to decorate and as pretty as the supports offered by Decopatch? What if you’re told it’s possible, with training? With our tutorial, the right technique and the right recipe, it passes like a letter to the Post Office! And in addition, there are only advantages to making papier-mache:

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  • you do recycling
  • it does not cost
  • it is without
  • danger Neighbor’s newspaper stock can pass there!

Good to know : paper glue, made from flour, is not dangerous, the raw material is found everywhere, and you will make beautiful useful items while having fun with children.

The recipe for papier-mache: super easy!

To make papier-mache, here is a list of what you need:

  • Newsprint
  • of flour
  • of water
  • What to heat the water

To make your papier-mache, here is the tutorial of the manufacturing steps :

  • Put one cup flour for 5 cups of water in a saucepan
  • Heat over low heat: this will be the glue (a bit like a béchamel recipe !)
  • Remove all lumps with whisk and let cool
  • Take newsprint and tear it into strips
  • soak the strips quickly in your cold glue
  • Remove excess glue with your finger before applying to the holder.

And here, if you have followed the recipe and the tutorial to the letter, you can start imagining your creation . Let go of your imagination!

Make supports of all categories: bottle, box, balloon and even small furniture, for the most motivated! You can then decorate and make the finishes to paint.

The basic technique of papier-mache:

To make your paper mache object, you are given a tutorial: what do you say about a papier-mache balloon, which can serve as a head of a man for carnival ?

Making a papier-mache carnival character: the tutorial

  • Take as a stand a balloon to inflate
  • Cover the glue holder (see recipe)
  • Apply papier-mache strips to the entire backing
  • Leave a 3 cm opening at the base of the balloon
  • Smooth it all by hand
  • Allow to dry 24 hours before applying a new layer of papier-mache
  • Start over until you get a thickness that’s right for you

You get a hollow ball made of papier-mache. The object is solid , magically! You can already decorate it and launch a creation in parallel (a box, another medium, Christmas decoration, etc.

The opening of the balloon-shaped object will serve to put a old broom handle. Around the handle you can put clothes padded with foam, closing with strings. To make your arms and legs, play your creativity and imagine a decopatch stand to decorate.

Finishes of papier-mache

Papier-mache accepts any finish. Gouache, acrylic paint, collage of beads, bubble paper, wood chips, wool, fabric… Tip: to see the colors well, apply white in the first layer.

Allow to dry well at each step. Have fun!