Painting apartment or house: best practices

Do you intend to repaint your apartment as part of your renovation work? Painting is a pleasant renovation activity but should not be practiced anyhow and at any cost. Question of taste! We explain the best practices to follow and the pitfalls to avoid when painting an apartment or house.

Well protect the paint site of the apartment

Refresh a decoration, renovate a room thoroughly, paint a wall, a floor, a ceiling… All this seems within the reach of anyone, but any painting site can fire at worst if basic precautions are not taken. First of all, the protection of the construction site is essential to avoid committing odds during your wall or ceiling painting site.

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To protect your construction site, the ideal is to be able to empty the part to the maximum before starting anything. This will save you from having to move furniture during construction. If the operation is too complex, take care to put all the furniture in the center of the room and protect it with a clean plastic tarpaulin or old sheets. Carpets and curtains should be removed from the room, as well as tables, shelves, door handles or rods.

Also displace the sockets and switches, and protect the floor with another plastic tarpaulin. Attach the tarpaulin to the ground with repositionable scotch tape.

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Prepare your support well before the

The surface to be painted, wall or ceiling, must be degreased and cleanpainting . Wash with diluted mild detergent if necessary, then rinse with plain water. For any crack or bubble, scrape, put on a plaster and then sand. Respect the drying time.

If your wall is too damaged, it may be necessary to consider a coating for refilling and smoothing, or even the use of the glass cloth, compatible with acrylic painter. There are also wallpaper papers , preferably in smooth texture, for a more homogeneous rendering. Indeed, textured papers can allow paint defects to appear.

Provide enough paint for the entire construction site

Once the work is started, nothing should disturb them. It is important to provide the right amount of paint for the walls, ceiling and doors in your apartment: neither too much paint, nor enough. It is very simple to calculate the amount of paint required for the work of your apartment.

For example, if your room is 4 meters by 6 meters, the formula will be: (4 6) x 2 = 20 meters of perimeter to count. The perimeter is then multiplied by the height of the room . For a height of 2.20 meters, you will have: 20 x 2.20 m = 44 square meters of surface to paint for your apartment.

Take (or do not take) into account openings, windows and doors. Additional explanations are present on all paint pots, especially regarding the performance of the paint you buy for your renovation work.

Painting: other tips and best practices

Finally, last little tips for your apartment renovation and painting work:

  • Try your mural before you get started
  • Do not forget about the underlay; ;
  • Please note if your paint is water-based (acrylic) or oil (glycero );
  • Note well the finish (satin, matte, glossy) at the time of purchase of paint pots;
  • Do your apartment or house renovation work in good weather conditions .
  • Choose your equipment well : it must be adapted to the work, in good condition and of good quality. This will save you from having to stop the painting site and to do so.