Our tips for choosing a sofa for the back

Back pain is a problem that affects at least 2 out of 3 people today, whether in the juvenile or adult diaper. This evil stems from the totality of behaviours and positions that one takes on a daily basis. To maintain the health of your back, you must start by changing things at home by choosing a suitable sofa. We give you some tips for choosing a sofa for the back .

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Item plan

  • Have a high, shallow seat
  • Have long armrests
  • Have firm, but flexible padding
  • Have a soft material

Have a high and shallow seat

This criterion for choosing a comfortable sofa for the back is essential, since it implies the very first function of a sofa that is the seat. On one side, when the seat of your sofa for the back is high, you will not need to bend your legs and therefore tilt your back before you sit or get up . On the other hand, when the seat is not deep, it is more accessible to you and you will not risk sinking down while sitting. So you get up will not be a problem anymore.

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These two criteria go hand in hand, because one complements the action of the other. If the seat is high, but deep, the depth will negate the effect of height. Indeed, the more we sink, the more difficult we will get up.

Have long armrests

Many people think that the armrests of the sofa for the back are only there to put their arms, but it goes much further. It is a very well thought out system that allows you to solicit the back to a minimum. Buying a sofa for the back with armrests, you will only need to take a leaning on them to get up, so you will not in any case need to disturb your back. Whether the armrests are padded or wooden, they still remain effective, because the goal here is not to really appeal to the muscles of the back.

Have firm, but flexible padding

No less important is the upholstery of the sofa . It allows you to stay more comfortable and confident in your sofa all the time you’re in there.

Have a soft material

The material in which the sofa for the back is designed also counts, because it is on it that your comfort depends. A rigid material will not do you much for a long term.