North Credit — For Individuals

Perhaps less known than other traditional banks such as Crédit Agricole or Banque Postale, Crédit du Nord offers traditional banking services and offers. This regional organization has a website where the client can manage their accounts and savings. But how do I open an account and then access its customer area? Discover all the formalities to be part of the Crédit du Nord clientele. And if your credentials are lost or forgotten, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get a new PIN. You will also find all the details of the bank to contact its help desk.

Credit du Nord: Presentation

The bank Crédit du Nord is part of the group of the same name together with seven other organizations (Courtois, Kolb, Société Marseillaise de Crédit…).

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It is one of the first regional banks. On a human scale, it is organized as an SME. All private clients benefit from a dedicated client advisor, who can be reached at extended hours (Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm). And banking services are offered remotely, by telephone, Internet or videoconferencing.

Le Crédit du Nord bank offers services and traditional banking services (credit subscription, account management, savings, insurance, stock products…). Access to accounts is done at any time via the Internet, from mobile or tablet, via email, SMS or phone 24 hours a day.

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How do I open an account when you are an individual?

The supporting documents to be provided

To open an account at Le Crédit du Nord, you must provide the following documents:

  • a valid identification document (national identity card, passport, resident);
  • proof of residence (rent receipt, gas bill, etc.)
  • ; proof of income (salary slip, employment contract…)

And for non-residents, you also need to communicate:

  • a certificate of residence;
  • a copy of the notice of taxation of income abroad;
  • to default, a certificate of residence issued by an authority other than tax. For example, a town hall, a consulate…

Note: In order to open a minor’s account, the minor must come along with his legal representative, who himself has a family file, an identity document or a birth certificate to prove his/her status.

Account Transfer

Crédit du Nord can also take charge of the change of bank debit free of charge. In order for your accounts to be transferred under the best terms and conditions, you must provide the following parts:

  • a signed warrant;
  • a list of bodies to contact for the change of residence;
  • proof of use such as invoices, tax notices, etc.

Where can I find my login to log in to your online account?

To access online banking services, you must have both an identifier and a secret code. The identification number is provided by the bank advisor. As for the PIN code, it is sent by mail.

To request your identity card from your client advisor, contact the following number: 01 40 34 00 44 (Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm).

How do I connect to your customer area?

To log in to the Crédit du Nord Client Area, you must:

  • First, take Your ID consisting only of numbers using your keyboard
  • , and then dial your password using the numeric keypad.

Blocked access or lost password: what should I do?

Have you lost or forgotten your PIN, or after several incorrect attempts, your password will blocks? To receive a new passcode, request its reset using one of the following four options:

  • contact your customer advisor
  • Enter your details on the reset request page;
  • fill in the dedicated form;
  • or contact technical support at 01 40 34 00 44.

To log in again, you will have to wait until the new PIN is received. And as soon as you log in, customize your password.

Note: For security reasons, the new passcode cannot be emailed. E-mail does not offer sufficient guarantees of confidentiality.

Precautions to take

Please note that your PIN is strictly personal. Therefore, the following instructions should be adhered to:

  • Never communicate your word passes to person, by phone, in writing, e-mail or via a form
  • Credit du Nord will never ask for your password;
  • Your access code must be at least 6 digits. Do not use code that is too simple to guess as date of birth. Instead, opt for a varied mix of numbers to make the combination complex;
  • Finally, for security reasons, it is best to change your PIN once a year.

Contacting Credit du Nord: contact details

For any technical questions, including access to your customer account, you can contact Crédit du Nord on its hotline. The online banking will answer your questions on 01 40 34 00 44 (price of a local communication, call not overcharged). This number is valid for individuals and associations.

As for professionals, they will call 0 892 982 110 to contact customer service of Credit du Nord. The call is charged 0.40 cts/minute the price of a local communication.

And for any claim, you can also contact Crédit du Nord by mail at the following addresses, depending on the location of your debit:

Crédit du Nord Paris Customer Service Ile de France 50, rue d’Anjou 75008 PARIS

Crédit du Nord Rouen Customer Relations Directorate Nord Ouest 9, rue du Donjon 76008 ROUEN cedex

Crédit du Nord Lille Customer Relations Directorate North de France 28, place Rihour 59000LILLE