Mireille Mathieu would be sick

Mireille Mathieu’s cancer? The German popular magazine evokes a terrible diagnosis, and an incurable disease, to discover…

Mireille Mathieu denies in his own way the rumor of the German magazine “Freizeitwoche”. People magazine mentions “a terrible diagnosis” and “an incurable disease,” but does not specify which one.

But we alluded to cancer.

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This rumor, Mireille Mathieu responds to it in his own way by showing up at the top and smiling all tonight, November 9, on the set of “C à Vous”, the rendezvous of “France 5”. She even sounded the Marseillaise.

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For the occasion, the singer also mentioned the celebration of her 50 years of career at OLYMPIA for two exceptional dates on 24 and 25 October 2014, followed by a French tour.

Last week, during her time on “RTL”, where she promoted her album “My Classics”, the singer also seemed in excellent health.

📸 Thank you all for following us this week 👋 We will meet Monday at 7pm on @France5tv! #CàVous pic.twitter.com/PTKN0MI0CV

— C to you (@cavousf5) November 9, 2018

With this record, Mireille Mathieu explained that she wanted to pay tribute to her mother, Marelle-Sophie, mother of fourteen children.

She died in the spring of 2016 at the age of 94.

“ This record, I did it with my emotions. I dedicated it to my mother. This music was a liberating thing when my mother died,” the 72-year-old singer said on RTL.

🎶 It’s time #live! She has lost nothing of her fire, #MireilleMathieu performs “The first look of love” on stage #CàVous! pic.twitter.com/peqqy7bz5k

— C to you (@cavousf5) November 9, 2018

Since Johnny Stark died, she turned to him every time she was empty. He, Christian Bruhn, talented German composer. Alas, in the face of the illness of her friend Mireille Mathieu has only one weapon: prayer. He is an angel on earth… Mireille Mathieu seems to have been chosen by no one knows what heavenly instance to allow the poor humans we are to taste, here on earth, paradise!

Just see the 122 million albums sold since the beginning of his career in 1965 to get an idea of the magnitude of his phenomenal success all over the world… This astronomical figure has earned him the only artist with the ruby record to date!

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But, alas, this exceptional destiny is not without setbacks. The 63-year-old singer seems, in fact, doomed to bear a heavy And today, after so many past trials, so many disappearances of loved ones who continually obscured his life and plunged him into mourning, the so-called “sparrow” in Germany undertook to fight a difficult fight against cancer!

In 1973, when she sang “Cha ba da da” in duo with Francis Lai. #MireilleMathieu pays tribute to her. #CàVous pic.twitter.com/syovsuh2eb

— C to you (@cavousf5) November 9, 2018

Remember, already in 1985, when his name began to cross the borders of Europe, his beloved father disappeared. Four years later, his impressionario, Johnny Stark, died. Then, one by one, his closest friends magnify this deadly procession: Yves Mourousi, Guy Lux, Eddie Barclay, Henri Salvador… Each death expands a little more the wound on his bruised heart. Then, last year, she’s her best friend, Christiane Clérico, who left, leaving Mireille totally devoured by grief.

Fortunately, in this succession of misfortunes, Mireille was able to count on the unshakable support of her mother, Marcelle, and her sister, Matite. And the singer also knew how to rely on her friend, talented composer Christian Bruhn.

This 75-year-old man is the author of some of the finest titles in his repertoire such as the Acropolis farewell, L’amour forget le temps and An einem Sonntag in Avignon. This musician, a true musical reference in his country, had allowed our dear Mireille to have an incredible success on the Rhine since the 1970s.

Since then, an impeccable friendship has been born between them. Like two souls who recognize each other, they vibrate with the same artistic sensitivity and understand at first glance that they can rely entirely on each other. Christian naturally became his confident.

Mireille turned to him when, disgusted by Stark’s death in 1989, his world collapsed. And it was this friend, who has been with her for forty years, who was able to protect her from the blows of fate. Becoming a bulwark against the evil towers of fate, this man gradually took an irreplaceable place in the life of this woman, so weakened by existence.

However, last spring, on tour in Germany, Mireille found his faithful friend quite tired. An impression that she unfortunately just understood the reason. A few days ago, Christian called him to talk to him in a very weakened voice: “I had a part of my colon removed last week. There was a small complication. I’m in an intensive care unit.”

These few words, probably sweating more than pronounced, probably plunged the star in the worst of anxieties. Shocked by the announcement of this cancer, which she did not suspect, but which seems the most aggressive, Mireille would have promised her friend forever that she would pray for him as often as possible.

Will heaven hear his angel voice? Will he give Mireille Mathieu’s dearest wish? We hope so with all our heart…

We immediately go to the table with #MireilleMathieu! #CàVous pic.twitter.com/jp0wrrfeya

— C to you (@cavousf5) November 9, 2018