Methods to search for leakage on heating circuit

Hidden water leaks can be difficult to locate. The overconsumption of water that is reflected in the water bill may mean the presence of water leakage in the pipelines. This problem needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. A professional can use different techniques to easily detect water leakage. Discover a few.

Tracing the network

It is essential to carry out the tracing and tracing of the heating pipe. The ideal and commonly used method is the current type 8 kHz or 33 kHz. A reliable technique that makes it possible to easily trace and spot the heating circuit in order to make a diagnosis of water leakage. Once tracing is completed, the tracer gas is injected under pressure into the pipeline to detect the leak. Gas is lighter than air, so it escapes vertically by opening the leak. It is an inert gas composed mainly of hydrogen and nitrogen. The use of specific equipment simplifies the detection of this gas in order to detect leakage. A perfectly effective method on a heating circuit except in case of the presence of a pipe duct.

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Thermal Camera Usage

Leak detection in the heating circuit can be done by means of a thermal camera. A technique that consists of checking the heat variations in your pipelines. It is suitable for the heating circuit. Moreover, it also allows you to visualize the location of your pipelines. A stain on the thermal camera signals the presence of a leak. It is effective on heating coils and in particular the return heating of the CAP and boiler. The thermal camera takes into account thermal variations of the order of up to 0.1 degrees. It is not suitable for pipes under too thick walls that allow little or no heat to pass through.

Plotter dye

The use of tracer dye detects water leaks. Fluorescein is an effective substance for non-destructive leak detection. Upon contact with air, this substance becomes yellow/green. It makes it possible to search for leakage by seepage and joints that are no longer sealed. Fluorescein allows to carry out leakage search on heating pipeline. It is non-toxic while safe for the environment. She can be used without fear.

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A technique using sound resonance. The tracing of the pipeline is essential before conducting the search for water leakage by electro-acoustics. By diffusing ultrasound in the pipeline, the leakage is detected by the variation in sound frequency emitted by the leaking water. This method is effective in knowing precisely the location of the leak.

Water leak detection reduces damage. Indeed, leakage can lead to the appearance of mold that is dangerous to health. The search for water leakage prevents the waste of this vital element in everyday life. It is necessary to detect leaks to avoid overconsumption of water.