Mauricette chair: all about

We only talk about her in the world of decoration: the Mauricette chair! A real star of design, this model of chairs has established itself on the market and seems to please. The Mauricette chair embellishes a private interior as a professional or public interior… How is the success of the Mauricette chair explained?

Mauricette chair: recipes for a success of interior design

Want a chair that revolutionizes the world of style, decor and interior design? This chair can be found in every home, with its pretty vintage look. With its metal structure And its legs usually made of solid wood (birch, for example), the Mauricette chair does not please everyone, with its peculiarity. With its very French and pretty name, this pretty chair arrived a few years ago in the interior design shops.

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The Mauricette chair is not a chair like any other. Far from being commonplace as old dining chairs, the Mauricette chair bears a name that predestined it tooriginality. An object of lust for lovers of vintage design and interior decoration, this cute chair catches the eye with its cute and aesthetic side.

Characteristics of the Mauricette chair

Enter a sweet world. The Mauricette chair fits perfectly into any home and any interior thanks to a design and look simple and clean . The tradition of Scandinavian furniture and arrangement is strongly felt in the design of Mauricette chairs.

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A direct descendant of Scandinavian design, it usually features a padded seat and a backrest without armrests . We find its style in fabric, velvet, solid wood, metal, etc. Its feet are flared, which gives it a rather design look. In short, the Mauricette chair has character!

This priced chair accessible to everyone pleases in any room. Office, dining room, kitchen or around a table… Houses of various styles can accommodate a Mauricette chair: industrial style, design, vintage, modern and contemporary, etc. No more naughty and uncomfortable chairs: you have both for the price of 1.

The seat and back of the chair Mauricette

Why do we like the Mauricette chair? For the simple and good reason that it can be found in various materials, for as many atmospheres of houses and decorative interiors. You can even find a Mauricette chair with seat and backrest covered with faux fur. With its playful and cute look , you embellish a style and give originality to any room.

The seat of the Mauricette chair welcomes everyone! Upholstered and covered with fabric , this chair is very comfortable. The backrest is also padded. The seat and backrest junction on the Mauricette chair is visible and unfade.

Where to find a Mauricette chair?

Graceful and elegant, the Mauricette chair is located in home decor and interior furnishing shops. Mauricette chair can have counterfeits: So pay attention to the quality of seams, fabrics and possible collages . Indeed, a counterfeit chair will not last over time and may even pose a danger to everyday use.

A Mauricette chair can be found at a low price , given the quality of the design: from around sixty EUR in the Maisons du Monde shop. This queen of chairs is therefore accessible: treat yourself or get offered a set of Mauricette chairs from Maisons du Monde or another store.

For all houses, for a dining room with solid wood parquet, a vintage living room, metal decoration rings, opt for Mauricette chairs with birch legs!