Manage your real estate agency

The real estate sector is expanding. This expansion is not limited to in the city of Paris, but it also concerns all major French cities.

So, it is crucial to properly manage the accounts of real estate agencies so that they maintain their economic health while staying safe from cash flow concerns.

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How to manage your real estate agency?

Concretely, the good management of a real estate establishment begins with mastering the rules of management of an ordinary structure. However, it should be noted that each real estate agency requires unique management. Hence taking into account all the movements related to your cash flow.

To draw up invoices, to carry out inventories, vigilance is required for the success and proper management of the Agency’s accounts. Its good accounting management also requires the keeping of the newspaper book, the inventory book, etc.

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Competition between real estate agencies is growing. To ensure the proper management of its accounts, a real estate agency must seek the services of a professional manager such as the accountant.

A frank collaboration between a real estate company and an accountant must be essential for legal account management. This undoubtedly promotes the development of society.

In addition, this professional can also help you start negotiations with salespeople. This partnership generally referred to as “interfirm collaboration” is beneficial to the partner company, the seller and the buyer. Although this requires the sharing of commissions, it gives three agencies operating in different fields of activity the opportunity to work together.

In addition, this partnership relationship leads customers to have a multitude of professionals.

This management with the assistance of an accountant is undoubtedly a guarantee of fame and a considerable time saving.

This collaboration between accountant and real estate agency saw the birth of the so-called SCI et immo pack which is specially designed for agencies.

What role can an accountant play?

The importance of using an accountant is no longer to be demonstrated. This professional holds overall or partially the accounting of his client.

Its main role is the preparation of the annual accounts of its clients.

In addition, her multidisciplinary training allows him to help in several areas of your company. As an advisor to companies, the accountant does not focus solely on numbers. He will leverage the skills acquired in managing organizations to help managers or managers of companies.

In any event, the position of an accountant is decisive in a company since he or she carries out the establishment of the provisional budget, the financial and economic analysis of the various activities of the organization, assistance in the disposal or diversification of the services of the organization. structure.

It there are several advantages for a company to seek the services of an accounting firm. Among the latter, the main ones are:

  • Tax benefits : One of the key roles of an accountant is assisting his client in obtaining the best tax solutions. He advises his clients and assists them in the optimal management of taxation. Practically, it supports companies in drawing up tax declarations, such as VAT, IS, IR, IRPP…
  • Benefits : The accountant has proven skills in social management. Recognizing that the social dimension is increasingly decisive in societies and organizations, the assistance of an accountant is paramount. This professional helps you to fulfil your social obligations and understand the social facts of the organization in strict compliance with legal requirements.
  • Legal benefits: legal aid is not to be overlooked. This professional helps companies to choose their status, draw up employment contracts, draft social statutes…