Luxury stay: how to prepare it?

If you are about to go on a trip and want to organize to be at the top when you leave, this article is for you! We will give you our best tips to make a tailor-made trip with peace of mind.

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Whether it’s a holiday as a couple, with friends or family, preparation is always an exciting time. It’s time to think about everything so as not to be caught off guard once on the spot. Depending on the destination it is important to think about essential things that one will not easily find on the spot such as the emergency pharmacy.

The destination for a tailor-made trip

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It is important to know which destination will be the ideal destination for your stay. It is necessary to pay attention to the climate. Indeed, if you want to go far away, the season may be very different from the one in which you live.

Do you want to be on a beach by the water, go hiking, being lost in the middle of nowhere, a crowd bath in the middle of town…

Once you know what you prefer it will be enough to find THE dream destination for a tailor-made trip.

Our team of specialists will find for you the perfect destination for your next holiday. We will be at your disposal and will be able to respond to your request as best as possible.

Preparation does not stop there. You will also have to choose the housing and circuit if you want to make one.

Once again, we will be at your full service in order to meet your needs perfectly. Whether in individual accommodation, large hotel complex or authentic Lodge in the heart of savannah, we will find you luxurious places that you will find did not suspect the existence.

Third step in organizing your stay now concerns the circuit. Don’t you stand in place or you move all the time? No worries, our tours are there for you. Perfect for guests who have the candle, you will have several steps during your stay. This allows you to see several cities and a greater part of the country in which you are staying.

Important : Think about the administrative and medical procedures requested by your host country. Consider taking it in advance if you have applications for aids and/or vaccines to do.

Make your suitcase

Here is the final step we can’t help you with. To pack a suitcase is, for some, a moment of stress and annoying.

As great travelers we are, we assure you that pack its suitcase is very simple, the whole thing is to be well organized.

First you need to know whether you need summer or winter business depending on the destination.

Don’t do it at the last moment, you might forget things. But do not pack your suitcase too early either, you might, conversely, take too much business. If you take it 3 days before, this is perfect. This will give you time to realize what you are missing.

If you leave less than 10 days, pack your suitcase according to the outfits you will wear on site. This is the best way to have only necessary outfits and that you will wear. If you leave 10 days or more, you will no longer be able to use this technique. Take business for half or barely more than half of the stay otherwise you will run out of space and your suitcase may be too heavy.

If you are in Hotels, you can ask the laundry service to do laundry during your all-inclusive trip, so you will have enough business until you return. If you know you don’t have this kind of service, go with a tube of laundry in your hand or even more convenient, soluble wipes containing laundry so you can clean up your belongings anywhere.

Finally, do not forget to make yourself a small medical kit for basic needs or if you are taking a specific treatment.

Make yourself a kit of electronic equipment, charger, sd card, portable battery… so as not to run the stores once there.

To make a simplified list, download our special PDF Holiday Planner by My Luxury Travel.

The latest preparations

Once the trip is booked, the administrative is done and the suitcase curly, there is a good chance that the excitement of departure will come.

Now all you have to do is get the travel guide to your destination and start browsing it.

Now you can soak up local history and culture. Make a list of everything you want to do. Take a notebook and pen and make your program to know your schedule the day after you arrive if you have not pre-book activities .

Our latest tips

Our last advice is just to enjoy. Enjoy what you are going to see, the people you will meet. The best teaching we can have is in the journeys we make is what makes us richer every time.

Feel free to send us your holiday photos, we will be delighted to share them on our social networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can now join us there to follow our news, our contests and why not, find inspiration for your next holiday!

For your next holiday, you will have understood it, entrust your project to the team of the travel agency My Luxury Travel who will make your travel dream real.