Leakage: before or after counter?

A leak is an unpredictable incident. In order to take the appropriate action as soon as possible, it is important to detect it promptly. Whether you live in a detached house or a condominium, see through this article the steps to be taken and the rights granted to you in case of leak, before or after counter.

Accurately detect the cause of the leak

Often, one only realizes the presence of a leak when you receive the water bill. Indeed, if you notice an unexplained increase in your bill, it is necessary to conduct a video inspection of the drain pipe in order to find the origin of the water leakage using specialized equipment. This method allows you to detect a leak before or after counter , and determine the cause of it.

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Plumbing companies have developed high-performance equipment whose primary mission is toidentify the source of a water leak through photos and videos of good quality .

Professionals in charge of such services must provide you with a complete and detailed inspection report. So you will quickly know where the leak is located and what steps you need to take.

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Small precision: whether or not you are responsible for This leak, you have rights to support overconsumption related to leakage , whether it is before or after meter.

What measures for a leakage before meter?

The first reflex isto talk to your insurance company . It will guide you in all the steps to follow and carry out. It is also the responsibility to provide you with all the legal assistance you need.

If you live in a building, you must notify your condominium trustee or water manager as soon as you notice a leak into your home. It is important to notify the person responsible as quickly as possible to prevent the leak from being too expensive.

On the other hand, if you live in a detached house, the responsibility will fall to the water system manager . In addition, if your land is home to construction work, it is possible to contact legal assistance to request compensation.

Leak after meter, what to do?

The leak after meter is the one detected in your home, that is, in the enclosure of your home or apartment. You are responsible for maintaining your pipes and drinking water system to prevent potential leakage or other incidents. It is possible that the leak (s) is very discreet, and can only occur after receipt of the invoice.

Once again, as soon as you notice an abnormal overconsumption of water, you should report it as soon as possible to your dispenser , i.e. to your water manager or supplier. Since 2013, a device related to leakage after meter has been adopted in favour of the consumer. He ensures that the latter does not pay an exorbitant bill.

After finding the leak, it will be necessary to call on a professional plumber to carry out the necessary repairs. Of course, the costs will be at your expense.

Support in case of leakage after meter

In 2013, parliamentarians passed the Warsmann Law in order to protect consumers in the event of a leak after water meter and to safeguard their best interests. The new regulations stipulate that the distributor, i.e. the network operator, must notify the subscriber as soon as there is an excessively abnormal consumption.

Abnormal water consumption is called when the bill reaches double the average volume of water consumed by the subscriber. So, here are the different steps you need perform.

Support for repair

When the presence of a water leak is confirmed, you must hire a professional plumber (or plumbing company) to do the necessary repair work. To inspect the pipeline and accurately locate the source of the leak, the provider will use a camera. Then, once the work is done, he will have to give you a repair invoice that is worth attestation to your water supplier.

The request for clipping

Clipping is a right stipulated under the “Warsmann Law”. This is a request that you must make to your supplier after finding a leak. To do this, you have a period of one month. Note that in order for the clipping request to be taken into account, it must be imperative. be accompanied by the repair certificate issued by the professional plumber.

Clipping is aimed at:

  • challenge an abnormal bill related to overconsumption of water;
  • bring the bill back to normal consumption.

The calculation of the average volume of water consumption is based on the consumption of the subscriber during the previous 3 years within the same premises. Theclipping takes into account, in particular, a water leak that occurred on a pipeline after meter.

What exceptions are not included in clipping?

Clipping applies only to individuals. In addition, the invoice is for only one room. Calculating the volume of water consumption will be easier if you have lived in the same house or apartment for more than 3 years.

Otherwise, the water service will have to calculate the average water consumption through a geographical study. Attention, leaks of sanitary or heating equipment and those detected on household appliances cannot benefit from clipping .

What to do in case of a dispute?

In accordance with the provisions imposed by Warsmann law, any negotiations and procedures relating to the request for a clipping start with contact with the customer service of the water supplier.

If the latter does not return two months after your claim, you must enter the Water Mediation. Established in 2010, the main mission of this structure is to help consumers and water suppliers resolve all kinds of disputes amicably. Often, she works with local authorities. Again, you must adhere to a certain procedure .

However, if the Water Mediation fails to resolve the situation, you can initiate a judicial procedure.