Jet ski insurance: how to insure a jet ski?

Jet skiing is a sports activity increasingly appreciated by summer guests on the seaside resorts. It is ideal for boat enthusiasts, but like any water sport, the scooter or motorcycle of the seas is not without risk. We explain everything about the rules of piloting a jet ski and on jet ski insurance.

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  • Jet ski: what you need to know
  • Jet ski insurance: do you have to take one?
    • Why take jet ski insurance?
  • What guarantees with jet ski insurance?
  • Jet-Skiing insurance is essential

Jet skiing: what you need to know

To go jet skiing, it is enough to be 16 years old. The jet ski driver must be required to hold a coastal option recreational permit.

A derogation clearly indicates that wishing to do jet skiing can practice this sport under the supervision of an authorized instructor following a regulatory course of conduct.

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The modalities of jet ski piloting do not stop there:

  • Maximum permissible speed is 5 knots
  • Navigation must be done in the intended channels
  • A shelter or coast must be within 6 nautical miles (jet ski saddle) or 2 nautical miles (jet ski on arm, for one person
  • Jet ski piloting at night is prohibited
  • The permit is mandatory to drive a jet ski of more than 6 HP

Jet ski insurance: should we take one?

The law is clear: it is not mandatory to take out jet ski insurance . This is more like a strong recommendation. Insurance is there to guarantee you support in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you leave your jet ski in wintering in a garage out of summer season, free to you to take or not jet ski insurance against theft. In summer, when you take out your scooter from the seas, it is also not mandatory to insure jet skiing.

If you are a novice pilot, be aware that it is highly advisable to take jet ski insurance, especially in the event of an accident. Damage insurance is recommended to novice pilots.

Why take jet ski insurance?

A jet ski accident is rarely fatal but can have unfortunate consequences. Like on a motorcycle, scooter, boat or any motor vehicle, a jet ski driver can be seriously injured.

To take out a jet ski insurance often makes it possible to be more serene in the face of the risks taken when practicing the scooter of the seas. Whether it is for property damage, which can quickly climb to several thousand euros, or for damage body, it is important to ask yourself the question and take the time to ask for jet ski insurance quotes.

What guarantees with jet ski insurance?

The formulas offered by insurance are numerous. You can take a contract or a basic insurance plan, including civil liability . This insurance contract covers damage caused to others, but not those suffered by the pilot.

The guarantees offered by a jet ski insurance:

  • Property Damage Warranty
  • Insurance for retirement costs: the costs of recovery and destruction of the jet ski are covered
  • Life-saving insurance: in the event of an accident at sea, the costs of assistance and medical care are covered
  • Fire guarantees
  • Warranty/Theft Insurance
  • Personal Effects Guarantee
  • Legal protection
  • Road transport and trailer

To reduce costs, you have the choice to take a seasonal or annual jet ski insurance . Annual insurance has a price but cover you all year round — including theft insurance As for a car or boat, requesting a quote online or from your insurer will allow you to find the formula or guarantee that suits your needs.

Good to know : if you rent a jet ski, insurance will usually be offered or included in the rental price.

Jet-Skiing insurance is essential

Whether for leisure or the purchase of such a machine, you must concentrate on the different contracts. As a result, find out about prices now and you will clearly not be disappointed with the result of your search.

  • You will need some criteria to successfully find the best contract.
  • Fill out the form accurately and you will have a selection of the best insurance.
  • The platform allows to sort all insurers, you will then have the possibility to be insured at the best rate.
  • Payment is made with the credit card in order to save time, then you can create an online account.
  • This access is essential, it allows you to have a green card that must be affixed to the windshield or body of the jet ski.

Do not hesitate to compare all the formulas, you will be able to move in jet ski while being properly insured and above all you will be compensated whether for an accident or a slight hanging. This comparator is therefore very simple to use even if you are a novice in this area. It takes less than two minutes to find a contract that matches your expectations.