Investing in real estate in 2018: profitable?

Real estate investment remains an investment that is both ideal and risk-free. Even for 2018, this activity will still be considered a better source of income. By the way, professionals are increasingly interested in investing in stone. But will real estate still retain its place as a profitable investment for the following year? It should be noted that real estate investors now face certain barriers related to their activity, to name only the Macron laws.

Real estate, French preferred investment

As in 2017, real estate will remain the French favourite investment for 2018. They will still rely on the acquisition of housing to make a profit. For this sector, the market will remain stable, despite possible social, political and economic problems. The figures show that real estate remains a valuable investment in the eyes of the French. Indeed, according to the results of studies conducted this year. More than 60% of them choose real estate to better save and increase their income. The sector has therefore been able to challenge, according to the results of the investor survey, liquidity and life insurance, whose results are close to 50%.

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While most French investors choose stone, it is mainly because this sector is often less risky. This is a good option in case of economic uncertainty. This is the safest way if you are afraid to lose your money.

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Macron laws, against rental real estate

As soon as he arrived, Emmanuel Macron rushed to reform the laws governing real estate investment. The 8th President of the Republic of France has taken many measures that will, of course, transform the world of real estate investment in 2018. However, according to experts in this sector, possible reforms adopted at the initiative of Macron will not change the uptrend for this activity.

Some specialized firms, including Xerfi, have tried to assess the impact of the measures taken by the Head of State on real estate investment. Some details of Emmanuel Macron’s real estate program are still unclear. Investors are wondering about the impact, for example, with the flat tax of 30% and the areas concerned. Will it apply to the property income of investors who choose rental investment? The owners are, for the time being, subject to taxation on their marginal tranche, without neglecting the CSG of 15.5%. As a result, many investors have to pay a tax rate of up to 45% on their rental income. The flat tax of 30% will allow investors to increase their earnings. This is a single tax applied on the income of owners of rented housing.

Investors themselves will concern, for the coming year, whether or not the taxation of rental assets is maintained. This taxation is likely to make real estate investment less attractive than real estate securities. With the emergence of the new Macron laws, rental investment is not immune to the risks associated with changes in taxation.

For 2018, real estate will remain a profitable and secure value, according to experts in the field, despite possible changes adopted with the new Macron laws. You will be able to continue to intervene in the field of real estate investment for next year. If you are a novice investor, you can get started using a reference for a turnkey rental investment. Accessible online, such a guide will allow you to master the secrets of a Successful real estate investment for the following year.

Real estate leverage: an incredible chance to build a wealth

Leverage should be seen as a good opportunity to build a wealth. With rental investment, your main advantage lies in the possibility of carrying out your project on credit. You just need to find a financial organization that can provide you with the necessary amount for buying a house or apartment. Most financial institutions today encourage real estate investors by offering financing, which is not the case if you are interested in investing in equity or life insurance.

You can talk about leverage if your rates of interest go beyond net profitability in the context of rental real estate investment. As interest rates rise, real estate prices often face a downward trend. You must notice an increase in rental profitability. In order to curb inflation, interest rates must move upward. Thus, you can expect an improvement in your net rental profitability.

If the housing is acquired on credit, you must work with the tenant’s income to build up savings while taking advantage of the financial leverage. We are talking, in this case, of a heritage by replenishment.

Turnkey rental investment for 2018

Many are those who wish to make a profit with real estate investment for 2018. But some investors do not have enough time to devote themselves to it entirely. While others find it difficult to follow the different steps from research and visit to acquisition and paperwork.

Turnkey rental investment is a solution offered by specialized companies. You can take advantage of this service if you do not yet master the techniques of searching and visiting or if you have the schedule a little busy. Companies specializing in the field will take care of the search for accommodation that meets your needs, the realization of your financing file, the realization of the works… Their tasks can even go as far as decoration and furnishing.

For your total success in real estate investment 2018, you are advised to bet on the turnkey option. If you opt for the full package, the services of the company of your choice can go as far as looking for potential tenants. It can also intervene in your place for the rental management of your property. If you want to benefit from the high returns for the next year, you have to choose the city where to intervene for rental investment…