Inspired by Asian Women’s Beauty Routines

You want to make yourself beautiful, but you want to break the routine of always that accustomed you to all kinds of make-up and dress style. You want to do this while feeling good in your skin and having full confidence in yourself. Even if it is true that perfection does not exist, you will be able to do miracles inspired by the beauty routines of Asian women . We talk about it in this article.

Have a white skin and a pinkish complexion

In Europe, having tanned skin means looking good or returning from vacation. Paradoxically, the sun’s rays are very fearful in Asia. They are leaked in order to preserve its porcelain complexion which is synonymous in Asia with purity and of youth. Indeed, while it is true that the sun offers many of its virtues to the body, it is nevertheless true that one must nevertheless be wary of it. Then, far beyond the aesthetic side, avoiding the sun is an anti-aging act, because UVA are factors that accelerate skin aging . In addition, too long exposure to the sun can be a cause of skin diseases.

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It is for these reasons that Asian women use sunscreen at all times, regardless of the weather. Better, like these, you too can opt for a style that protects your beauty from the sun by adopting for example umbrellas , long sleeves, and then large hats. That’s why Luc-a-dit and Yesstyle provide you with plenty of tips and tricks so that you have an always elegant style, despite avoiding the sun.

Actively fight against tasks

In Asian culture, having flawless and super smooth skin is an unconditional criterion of beauty. Because of this, Asian women make steam baths , face masks, layering, various body brushes… enough combinations that guarantee them a smooth and shiny skin in Photoshop mode.

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The majority of the substances they use for their various skin rituals consist of bamboo sap extracts, rice cooking water, ginseng, and many other natural ingredients.

Proceed to massage his face

Facial massage is also one of the beauty secrets of Asian women. It is a process that makes it possible to soften the face and give it an indisputable shine. Generally, it is enough to heat hazelnuts in your hands to release them and tenfold the assets they contain. After applying these active ingredients to the surface of the face, they are gently penetrated into the skin by tapping with the palm of his hands from the bottom of the face to the top. This makes it possible to drain microcirculation.

Finally, one should not forget to carry out an extension of the cream or care masks up to the level of the neck. This is for the simple reason that the neck is such a fragile and exposed part of the body as theface.