Industrial style suspension: the world of luminaire

The luminaire is a fascinating area. Indeed, when we look at the interior design, the decoration takes a place of choice. In the 21st century, industrial style returned to fashion in strength, with its metal and vintage look that pleases. You are told everything about the industrial style and the right reasons to choose the industrial style suspension fixture for your living room.

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  • Industrial style in the luminaire: what is it?
  • Choose an industrial style suspension
    • Take into account the colors
  • The small details of your industrial luminaire
    • The diameter of your industrial lamp
  • A reminder of style in the decoration of other rooms
    • The dining room or the kitchen industrial style

Industrial style in the luminaire: what is it?

The style industrial has nice days ahead of him. With the renovation of many interiors, today there is no shortage of decor ideas and are even flourishing. You probably heard of industrial style, or industrial style ? This trendy look, very vintage and at the same time design, which is welcome in any interior, is appreciated by both individuals and professionals.

Whether at home or in stores, you may have already fallen into the spell of industrial style without knowing it. This particular design brings together some characteristics that are very recognizable in the world of decoration . Here we present some obvious features of industrial style, to find and decline everywhere:

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  • Black in the spotlight;
  • The metal of raw look or even worked to make old style (but non-toxic!)
  • ; The exposed brick
  • Vintage or retro; atmosphere;
  • The industrial “warehouse” side;
  • The disappearance of plastic to the benefit of “old materials” that recall the factories of the 1930s;
  • Rough, less curved lines ;
  • The imposing appearance of the industrial luminaire;
  • The strong return of the industrial suspension e : no more classic smoked glass sconces!
  • Metal, black, metal, black…!
  • Apparent stainless steel , for the raw side.

By following these tips, you will necessarily transform your interior into a real small industrial loft very cosy and design.

Choosing an industrial style suspension

In the world of luminaire, as soon as a fashion arrives, the luminaire is available in many stores. So, how to properly choose his pendant lamp and its luminaire to be sure to make a super deco industrial style at home?

First of all, you will quickly have the choice between several types of lighting fixtures. The classic lamp or industrial suspension, is highly recommended. You will find them in all styles, colors, lengths, diameters or materials.

Consider colors

To be sure to make a stunning industrial style decoration at home, be sure to know what colors you will put on the walls, ceiling, and for your sofa or some centerpieces of the living room and dining room.

The suspension must highlight the interior, while being noticed. You will necessarily like bulb and apparent filament suspensions, just like the classic bell (black or aged metal lampshade) that goes down just above the dinner table. The black of Metal is highlighted with stainless steel sinks, for example.

The industrial style suspension can also be materialized in the form of a geometric structure. The lampshade has only an aesthetic function and no longer dimming the light of the bulb of your luminaire at all.

Small details of your industrial luminaire

What will really make the difference is the details. Before, we liked to hide the accessories, the “off”, the little hardware details that bother.

With industrial style, it’s quite the opposite. Take out your raw lamp, and all filaments out , show the bulb, highlight the metal lampshade, put black in the spotlight in the decor as well as everything that is electric wire. Today, the electric wires of industrial design luminaires are adorned with very high quality chains fashion, or bright colored luminaire cords (yellow, orange, etc.).

It is also possible to highlight all the screws, nuts and small hardware, for an even more assertive industrial style. Play on shades of gray, black, white and color . False rust can also be a color reminder with brick imitation wallpaper on a wall pan!

The diameter of your industrial lamp

For your ceiling lamp, chandelier, pendant lamp or industrial look, choose the right diameter. It is also he who will determine the affirmed side of the style of your interior. Go ahead frankly, do not take too small, to transform your luminaire and pendant lamp into a real art object to admire.

The suspension that is in the center of a centerpiece such as the living room must be well highlighted. She either see herself at the first time and at the same time complement the style of the rest of your interior. Finally, it must illuminate well, without dazzling . Suspensions with a geometric structure of metal not sieving are to be chosen with suitable bulbs.

A reminder of style in the decoration of other rooms

For an even more vintage style, don’t hesitate to bet on fixture details such as the sturdy steel legs , for a foot lamp. In a bedroom, for example, your lamp will be a nod to the hanging lamps installed in your living room and dining room.

Industrial style must be assumed: let it live right from the entrance to your interior, with the possibility of installing an industrial-style canopy . The marriage of metal and glass will give an industrial loft atmosphere that will please guests.

The dining room or kitchen style

In the dining room, do not hesitate to opt for a multiple suspension lamp with exposed bulbs. Very design and at the same time vintage, these luminaires are to crack! Finally, if you like glass, choose a quality glass, perfectly transparentindustrial , for an aesthetic fake shade. Complete your decor with minimalist accessories, which will strongly emphasize this industrial style.

In the kitchen, a few details are enough, on a lamp, a suspension or a set of metal sconces. Be careful not to overload the space , so you really make use of your new decor. Deco industrial style must also breathe.

For your kitchen, metal can actually be highlighted and aesthetically respond to your lighting installation. With stainless steel sinks or stainless steel worktops, you opt for a total metal look. Feel free to add a corner bar made of brick , with low lamps or drooping metal suspensions. The gold in the interior of the shade is increasingly appreciated in terms of design.

Do not overload in terms of colors: industrial style, in any room, should be boiled down to quite “cold” metallic colors , except bulbs.