IMA Helpline Overview

Have you heard of IMA helpline? What is it about? Home assistance for anyone in a situation of weakness is a service that has grown sharply in recent years, especially with the growing number of elderly people in France. Here we present IMA helpline and all its benefits for a single person at their home and asks for more security.

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  • IMA teleassistance: the support of people above all
  • Combining human and digital the challenge of IMA remote assistance
    • Digital: IMA helpline at the rendezvous
    • Every life situation an answer: IMA Loss remote assistance
  • autonomy and IMA remote assistance: a reliable solution
    • Coping with the right choices for the future
  • Avoid hospitalization through home assistance
  • Helpline helps seniors

IMA Helpline: Accompanying people first and foremost

IMA offers helpline for dependent people. It is a home assistance designed to reassure a person in a situation of weakness (disability, age, illness, loneliness). This assistance is a formof accompaniment to the person, for his safety but also to offer a quality company. Spouse, children and relatives are thus reassured, especially if they cannot often be present with the person. Going on the go , manage an unforeseen situation when you’re helping… all this is part of normal life.

Every person must be able to be absent with a light heart and quiet consciousness. In case of fall, or sudden onset a person in a situation of weakness is not obliged to wait for the return of the spouse or children: the helpline is provided.

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Opting for IMA helpline means giving yourself a chance to feel less lonely . You can count on IMA Helpline to protect you and keep track of your evolutions.

Combining human and digital the challenge of IMA remote assistance

It is the whole alliance of human and digital that is set up in a helpline system. The disciplines work together for the common good and well-being of the elderly: doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, home helpers, etc.

It is a total synergy of knowledge that is satellite around the person in request for IMA helpline. Because the helpline is not only about technical and medical knowledge. Home and legal experts can advise anyone who subscribes to a helpline service. You are advised thanks to quality disciplines.

Digital: IMA helpline at the rendezvous

When we say helpline, of course we talk about new technologies, connected objects, services that are still incomprehensible to many people. That said, technologies are well done. IMA helpline is based on a device and an alert system that is very easy to use . Thus, anyone with loss of autonomy can be reassured. IMA helpline works for humans as remote monitoring for a home. In the event of an alarm or alert, people are notified and are able to intervene to help.

An answer to every life situation: IMA helpline

A fall, malaise, need advice, professional support adapted and specialized in any occasion and at home? The connected object offered by IMA Helpline allows the person with loss of autonomy to regain a minimum of autonomy. The person is trained in the use of the connected object and can use it very simply to call for reliable and responsive home assistance .

Because old age and loss of autonomy are not fatalities, it is important to welcome them well into one’s life. Spouse, children, are also kept informed of the installation of the helpline, so that each person is at the same level of information and protection .

Loss of autonomy and IMA remote assistance: a reliable solution

IMA Helpline is an assistance to home but also a real accompaniment of life paths for people with loss of autonomy. Whether it’s due to disability, illness, old age… Loss of autonomy is very difficult for many people to live.

IMA offers a helpline adapted to the needs of the person with loss of autonomy. From essential medical needs to psychological needs to accompanying presence… Teleassistance goes through many channels designed to make daily life less difficult, pressing, stressful or dangerous for a person with loss of autonomy or mobility impairment.

Coping by making the right choices for the future

Opting for IMA helpline is a good way to manage your own security but also to reassure your loved ones . You are in good hands and there is no need to call 10 times a day to find out if everything is okay. Relying on the helpline allows you to release time that will be spent on activities beneficial to the person who is losing autonomy.

Avoid hospitalization through home assistance

Did you know that helpline can help avoid hospitalization? In case of rapid and effective intervention by the staff mandated by the helpline, you have the guarantee of a reliable presence and action.

The many guarantees offered by the helpline are not negligible and can contribute to your daily comfort and safety. Whether you are at home, in an apartment or in a residence, the helpline is a simple service to set up . The connected device is also very simple to install and operate. Take the step to the helpline and choose security!

Helpline reassures seniors

Older people tend to live in unreassuring housing because they are alone. Before you plan to register in a nursing home, it may be wise or even essential to adopt these solutions and you will have more information about this specialist in remote assistance via the Internet, this will allow you to order all the equipment as quickly as possible.

  • Two formulas are available for a price of less than 40 euros per month.
  • Each time you will have different equipment such as a fall detector or a collar to warn the rescue.
  • Simply fill out the form at your disposal and you will have a technician who will be dispatched to the site.
  • An alarm is then emitted on the side of the plant when you experience the need.
  • Seniors may consider home-keeping under these conditions since the operation is really very efficient.
  • The range is important to know 150 meters around the transmitter box that is installed in your home.

Do not hesitate to get closer to this professional since he will have the necessary skills to help you choose the best product whether it is the necklace, the bracelet or the famous watch whose appearance is very friendly. You also appeal to the leader of this sector who will be able to accompany you during this new adventure. For less than 31 euros per month, you will still have a fall detector that does not require your intervention. If he identifies an abnormal scenario, the rescue is quickly arrested. It should be noted that teleassistance is growing in France and it is often installed in parallel with a traditional alarm since it is really effective if you encounter a problem. Seniors can then be reassured thanks to this affordable and very effective procedure.