Idees of decoration to have a magnificent living room this summer

Want to change a little decor? Redoing your living room before summer is ideal to refresh the atmosphere a little. If you are looking for decor ideas for your new living room, you are in the right place! we give you some very simple and useful decoration secrets.

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  • Summer inspiration for your living room decor Deco
  • : cushions, hangings and trinkets
  • Design in your living room
  • Illuminate while staying in fresh tones
  • Living room decor ideas: country atmosphere Other useful
  • living room decor ideas
  • Brightness: to celebrate the summer

Summer inspiration for your living room decor

Summer inspires you? What if you change the color of your living room? The atmosphere of a room changes quickly: in a few changes and bringing color to your Summer living room, you will make it more airy, less cozy and cocooning, compared to the mood of a winter living room.

Give preference to light colours and a modern ambience to make a radical change. Adding an ultra-colourful rug alone can change the mood and give back peps to your living room. Make sure that harmonies are respected between patterns and uniqueness of colors, but also between complementarities of tones.

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Throw light plaids or fabrics on your couch if it seems visually too “heavy” and you have not planned to change it right away.

Deco: cushions, hangings and trinkets

This is a great way to change the atmosphere and prepare your summer living room. Exhaust, change your cushions and drapes, but also all your trinkets and your Photo frames. The period before summer is ideal to change your living room and create a lighter, less cosy, clever atmosphere .

If you are lucky enough to have a vacation, the profit is there. In September, you will recover a brand new living room thanks to your new decoration and leave on the best foot for a new school year, professional but also personal.

Changing your decor plays on our mood: before summer, give preference to colorful patterns, exotic drapes and why not, ethnic atmospheres that will make their effect with their warm colors.

Conversely, if your living room was already visually “loaded”, go on a rather contemporary treatment. Make it as if you are going to do home staging in your living room: guaranteed result!

The design in your living room

To remake yourself a Living room before the summer, you can also opt for rather design style. Your budget will not necessarily be the same if you want to have objects, cushions, carpets or lamps that reflect this design.

That said, a good change of decor is perfect to go back on something else. Go to yellow, emerald green, turquoise blue or even bright, solid colors in the form of poufs or cushions. You will appreciate your new contrasting and almost playful atmosphere .

Buy small simple items: appetizer tray with summer motifs, an old disraisheit tableware traded against a resolutely design style… Finally, the design touch can be brought with state-of-the-art lampshades in warm, bright and spicing colors .

Illuminate while staying in cool tones

Do you want to create the contrast with the heat from outside? Opt for a downgrading of tones ! Choose deep blue and white to remind you of the sea, shore, coastline and extend the holiday when you return!

Tablecloths, towels, cushions, light fixtures, frames and even the chair cushions can be in the same theme in order to put a beautiful coherence. The harmony of a piece is played on a balance to be found. Donot make too little or not enough ! With small decorative details like a garland light or candles, you make the difference for your summer decor ideas.

Do not hesitate to link with the garden if you have one. The interior design can have some reminders outside. For your garden or terrace, outdoor light fixtures can remind you of your lovely summer living room.

Living room decor ideas: country atmosphere

The table is one of the key elements of the living room. For your summer decor ideas, you can bet on the decoration of the table. You adapt it from day to day and you review the interior design in order to highlight these aesthetic changes.

Change the objects of place and make space around the table, an object of conviviality par excellence in summer, with the garden and terrace. If your table is made of wood, feel free to put a brand new tablecloth over it. You will brighten up the room and at the same time redo your decoration very simply.

Other useful living room decor ideas

We still have some tips and some ideas to give you for the decoration of your living room:

  • Change the curtains;
  • Refurbished the entire living room before summer;
  • Redecorate a single wall pan;
  • Install mirrors;
  • Change your place sofa taking into account the sunrise;
  • Keep your atmosphere cozy but make room for energies to circulate well!
  • Install flowers in vases, here and there, to cultivate this country and summer atmosphere every day;
  • Set up a nap or relaxation area (garden or terrace);
  • Install light-loving potted plants;
  • Fall for rattan?

Many ideas are to be implemented to perfect his summer living room . Your most spontaneous decor ideas are the best! Rely on your feeling: what do you need? Color? A clean space? Patterns that stand out? New items?

Since the living room is the centerpiece of the house, you really need to think before redoing or rearranging the whole decor, as it can quickly be very expensive.

Make experiments of space redevelopment and changes of small objects, to begin with. If your decor ideas are not enough to give this famous peps to your living room, then you can consider a more drastic change of decoration: curtains, paint, walls…

Brightness: to celebrate the summer

Do not forget, finally, that summer is synonymous with light. Put her in the spotlight! You can even take off your curtains for a few months, so you can fully enjoy the brightness at its peak. You will fill up with brightness, an excellent remedy to prepare for the arrival of autumn!