How to use Chatfuel

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Definition of the chatbot

The sculpin (chat: conversation bot: robot) is a conversational agent , a program capable of communicating with a human user. The conversation is done in natural language most of the time. The functioning of the chatbot involves the analysis and understanding of human language by the machine and the ability of the latter to meet human needs. The goal of a chatbot is also to make themselves look like a human.

The approach is all the more precise and effective if the machine’s artificial intelligence (AI) is able to learn on its own, it is machine learning . If some chatbots use text messaging services (text editor), others will use a voice virtual assistant to dialogue (Alexa, Cortana, Google…).

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Chatfuel: create a Facebook chatbot

Chatfuel is a tool that allows you to create a Facebook chatbot “in just 7 minutes” . No need to code or program to create a powerful chatbot that will be able to communicate and answer questions from users automatically. The Chatfuel solution to create your Facebook chatbot is completely free: unless you need the Chatfuel Pro (white label, no limit of users, additional options…). If you are not convinced yet, it is possible to create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in just a few clicks and test your chatbot!

A Facebook Chatbot is very relevant. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is the most popular and brings together hundreds and hundreds of millions of users. You will thus touch a large number of people with Facebook Messenger bots and especially the Mobile Messenger app. This messaging service which comes in the form of an instant messaging app is used by 1 billion monthly users, as much as WhatsApp, more than WeChat (750 million users), Skype or Viber.

Tutorial: how to create a Facebook chatbot with Chatfuel?

Chatfuel: why create a Facebook Chatbot?

Facebook Chatbot and Chatfuel are powerful tools if you are looking to improve customer experience and customer service. Indeed, it responds to the requests of Internet users quickly and continuously. They respond to the background trend that aims to bring quality of service and solutions in instantaneity. Thus, the advantages of a Facebook Chatbot are:

  • A new way to communicate with prospects, customers: more quality contact points often involve a better conversion rate
  • Better visibility
  • One availability 24/7
  • A way to get to know your hearing better by analyzing your applications
  • A modern image of your brand

For all these reasons, your business may need a chatbot and use Chatfuel.

The goal of the chatbot: hyper customization

Customers are increasingly demanding. They want to be in the center of attention. Chatbots give importance to each customer: as a shop in which each customer has a personal advisor. Not bad, right? However, chatbots do not (yet) replace a more traditional customer service.

Some examples of the best Facebook chatbots

Looking for how you could use a Facebook chatbot? Large B2C companies are starting to implement these kinds of tools for customer service. Here is a selection of the best Facebook chatbots


SNCF travel: a chatbot to book a ticket

With only 3 small information: departure station, arrival station and date, the chatbot gives the trains and timetables that might be appropriate.

Daddy: the sweet chatbot who loves jam

Daddy’s chatbot helps people find the best jam recipes but also tips and tips for cooking jam.

The Guardian: the Chatbot that Personalises Your Diary

The Guardian chatbot selects articles from its website that might interest you according to the topics and type of news you are looking for.

Embed a Facebook chatbot to your website

Facebook has developed a plugin for e-commerce sites that allows to integrate a Facebook chatbot to a website. You can also offer customer service on Facebook but also on your site with only a chatbot.