How to use a lawn roller?

Want to offer your garden a fresh cure and lay a new lawn? Or maybe the grass needs a little care and needs to be fertilized or scarified? In all these cases, the grass should be properly rolled after treatment. And in order for this to be done professionally and durably, it takes a special tool, namely a lawn roller.

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Do not worry, you do not have to buy huge monsters. There are also manual lawn rollers for the family garden that are quite affordable. If you want to do something good for your lawn, here you will find many tips on the products as well as recommended rolls by category. Because here the differences in price and quality vary greatly.

The main information in brief

  • When it is warmer, you need to fill your roll with less water or preferably with sand. Because at higher temperatures, the water expands and can quickly pour
  • With a lawn roller, a sown lawn can be rolled to compact the soil. In this way, sown grass seeds can be driven into the ground or plots of turf can be rolled to get a well finished turf. The most common filling options for a lawn roller are water, sand or concrete.
  • Water filled lawn rollers are easy to handle, but lighter than sand-filled lawn rollers. If the lawn roller is made of concrete, it is heavy, more efficient but difficult to handle and more bulky in the garden shed.

The best lawn rollers according to the editorial

  • The Best Lawn Roller with Ergonomic Handle
  • Best Metal Turf Roller
  • The best “large format” lawn roller

The best roller lawn with ergonomic handle

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High Strength Garden Green Lawn Roller – Volume 48 L – Width 60 cm

This lawn roller convinces with its very good value for money. For relatively little money, you get a durable lawn roller that can reach a very good weight for rolling turf. It is above all the large amount of sand that can be filled that makes this weight accessible.

The roller looks pleasantly sturdy, so there is a good chance that it can be used longer. The only drawback is probably that the protection from dirt is not as effective. That’s why we advise you to put on work clothes when riding with it.

The assembly of the Roller is also very simple: the instructions are easy to understand and it is not even necessary to be very skilled to start quickly. The rolling performance is also not to be neglected. Well filled with water, this model weighs 60 kilos, an impressive weight. Unfortunately, the empty weight is also a bit high — due to strength, you will have to move nearly 13 kilos, so you should have some muscle power.

And with a bearing width of about 60 cm, it is one of the best of its kind. It is therefore suitable for small areas on the one hand, but it can also be used on large areas due to its larger width.

Best Metal Lawn Roller

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Einhell Lawn Roller GC-GR 57

This Einhell lawn roller can be filled with water or sand. It is made of red lacquered metal and can be filled by the opening that closes on the side.

The adjustable dirt scraper on both sides of the garden roller ensures a clean rolling. The roll has a curb weight of 10.5 kg and measures 65 x 41 x 36 cm.

However, before you can start, you will need to assemble the roller. And it can take a while, especially if you are not the most skillful. Many users complain that mounting is sometimes a little difficult. So it can be useful to ask friends or acquaintances for a hand. Protection against dirt is also a little poorly perceived by customers. In case of very frequent use, it can come off.

However, if you want to treat your small lawn only Seasonal, treatment should be sufficient. In this case, the BG-GR 57 is a good solution, which also convinces with a fairly good value for money.

The best “large format” lawn roller

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AL-KO GW 50/119104

The garden roller is equipped with an adjustable dirt deflector, which prevents excess soil from sticking to the roller. The lawn roller can be filled by the side and is guaranteed for 4 years.

This lawn roller is slightly larger than average and can be filled with 72 kg of water or 120 kg of sand. It has a curb weight of 13 kg and a working width of 50 cm. Stable steel construction ensures good rolling result and is easy to maneuver.

Tips before buying your lawn roller

What is a lawn roller and how does it work?

A lawn roller, or garden roller, is a device that you can use to level a surface and/or drive seeds into the ground. It is also used by in football and other sports to ensure a flat playing surface. You can push or pull them by muscle force, but you can also shoot them with motorized vehicles.

Removing soil irregularities and leveling seeds are aimed at compressing the soil after sowing and preventing seeds from being eaten by birds. You can also use a lawn roller to beautify a lawn by working different patterns in the ground.

To allow you to generate higher contact pressure when working, there are lawn rollers that can be filled with water or sand as well as concrete lawn rollers. Thus, you can increase or decrease weight in different ways.

Where can I buy a lawn roller?

You can buy lawn rollers, as well as some accessories, mainly in specialized stores, for example in DIY stores. You can order there online or get advice from a specialist directly at the store.However, the product is often sold on online merchant sites, where many products are also present and are therefore usually offered at a lower price. You can also buy a lawn roller directly from the manufacturer.

If you do not want to buy the lawn roller, you can simply rent it from different suppliers.

What is the weight of a lawn roller?

The empty weight of a lawn roller, that is, the weight without filling, can reach 13 kilograms. However, you can fill most rolls turf with water, sand or even concrete, so they reach a significantly higher overall weight.In the weight category, a lawn roller differs from one machine to another. Normally, a filled lawn roller can weigh between 50 and 120 kg. It is either filled with concrete from the start, or filled with sand or water afterwards, with sand often playing a more “important” role in the proper sense of the word.

While the weight of a concrete filled lawn roller cannot be varied at will, when filling it with sand or water, one can always consider the amount of soil to compress or the effort you want to provide yourself.

How much does a lawn roller cost?

In general, many people think that these simple products fall within a low price range. However, there are also considerable price differences for lawn rollers. However, the latter do rods can be attached to a specific reason and can not be divided into price categories.For example, cheap lawn rollers often start at about 20-30 € per piece. Above, there are lawn rollers in almost all price categories, the most expensive equipment suitable for amateur gardener costing up to about 100€.

Of course, there are also corresponding lawn rollers, which cost well over €100. However, these are either professional machines, which are used by greenkeepers, for example, or motorized lawn rollers or machines that can be towed by a vehicle and are often used by farmers.

How to use a lawn roller?

But what can you do to keep your garden healthy and flat? After all, the lawn must already be rolled regularly, and then the small solutions Emergency as the boards are not the best option. Instead, it makes perfect sense to use a lawn roller.

These machines are very similar to the compressor rollers that you probably see sometimes in construction work. But in terms of weight, they are not comparable to such monsters. Instead, lawn rollers are actually very practical models: the roller is a cylindrical tank that can be filled with water or sand as needed. An empty weight of 10 to 13 kilos then turns into a weight of about 60 to 70 kilos — more than enough to keep the domestic turf firmly in place!

Especially if you do sowing and maintenance work in the spring, this type of roller can be the perfect last step to accelerate growth and eliminate inequalities. You need to do the following:

  • First of all, mow the grass thoroughly and scarify if necessary. Not only does it make rolling easier, but it also allows the grass to breathe better and eliminate weeds and moss.
  • In order to be able to maintain your lawn in the most harmonious way possible, you need to make sure that there are no unnecessary bumps or foreign bodies. For example, you need to have removed fallen moles, branches, fruits or leaves before starting to care for your lawn.
  • You can then refresh the grass with turf seeds or fertilize it with turf fertilizer.
  • To compact the new lawn, then you need to pass the lawn roller. This means that you water your lawn slightly at first (giving the machine a better grip). Then you need to pass the roller on the grass at least twice (preferably once in the transverse direction and once in the longitudinal direction).

In this way, the growth of grass strands is compacted and the lawn becomes much more stable and flat. However, to maintain this overview, you need to repeat this procedure regularly: If you want “only” a stable turf, it means at least annual maintenance.

However, if your lawn is home to unwanted hosts such as moles or voles, you need to treat it several times a year: Thus, animals will not destabilize the lawn too much and they may also not feel comfortable in your garden and move on.

It is also possible that you are among those gardeners who want a really flat and patterned lawn. If this is the case for you, you will have to use the roller much more often: one roll per week is an optimal value.

But is it really necessary to use the roller? I think so, because a such machine has many advantages.

How to properly prepare your soil before sowing with the lawn roller

Preparing your soil is essential to getting a beautiful lawn: the grass will grow better will be greener and it will last longer.

With what filling and accessories do I need to buy my lawn roller?

In general, there are three different ways to fill your turf roller to get even more weight:Concretely:

  • Water
  • Sand

If you fill your lawn roller with concrete, you will have a very stable and heavy construction, but you will not be able to change the weight at will if necessary.

The situation is different when using it with water or sand. Here you can adjust the weight with which you want to work at any time, although it is much easier to do with water than with sand. However, the lawn roller becomes considerably heavier with a sand filling than with water.

A little tip if you want to bring out the maximum weight of your lawn roller: Fill the lawn roller container with sand. Then fill it with water as much as possible.

Since wet sand is considerably heavier than dry sand, you can create a little more weight here. However, then you will have the problem that it is difficult to get this water-sand mixture out of your machine.

As an accessory to a lawn roller, you can buy tips or small nails, for example. They can usually be mounted around the roller using a metal rod, called an aerator. This measure is intended to “ventilate” the soil when leveling. However, lawn rollers are often sold with these peaks already mounted.

Where can I buy lawn rollers ?

You can buy lawn rollers in specialized stores, nurseries, in supermarkets of DIY stores, but also online. According to our research, lawn rollers are mainly purchased in stores, but online sales are constantly increasing. In addition, grass seeds are usually available on the Internet at prices slightly lower than retail stores.You can buy grass seeds in the following stores and online shops:


Not all of them are online outlets, but they are the busiest, according to our research.

What types of lawn rollers are there and which one is best for you?

There are essentially three types of lawn rollers:

  • Turf Roller for Sand Filling
  • Roller Turf for water filling
  • Turf Roller for Concrete Filling

Depending on where you are and what features you like most, a different type will suit you better.

In the next section, we would like to help you find the type of lawn roller that suits you best. We will introduce you to the three types of lawn rollers mentioned above and clearly explain their pros and cons to you.

How does a sand filling lawn roller work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Most lawn rollers on the market are suitable for filling with sand. They are available in different sizes and price ranges. Since the weight can be regulated by the amount of filling, this model is especially suitable for amateur gardener. Just buy sand (in a hardware store) for about 2-12€) and fill the turf roller through the side opening by means of a funnel.

Benefits Disadvantages
Adjustable weight Filling only with a funnel
Heavier than water filling Sand costs more
Lighter than concrete

Filling with sand is easier than with concrete, but more difficult than with water. It is possible to do without a funnel, but then cleaning work after filling is not saved due to sand falling on the ground. The dump is also a bit complicated but not insoluble.

Nevertheless, this variant is the most chosen, because its characteristics General purpose make it suitable for both private use and professional gardening.

How does a water filling lawn roller work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

There are also many lawn rollers designed to be filled with water, as their construction is usually identical to that of sand rollers. The scope of application is aimed almost exclusively at the amateur gardener, since the advantages are manifested only on small areas. The lawn roller should be covered with an anti-rust coating. It can easily be filled with a garden hose.

Benefits Disadvantages
Adjustable weight Lighter than sand and concrete
Water is easily available The filling must be emptied before the cold period
Easy filling and emptying

Draining is also the easiest thing to do here and is even necessary in cold periods to avoid damage to the lawn roller. Because water is lighter than sand and concrete, this model is not suitable for rough terrain. If you want to push the weight limit in an emergency, you can mix sand and water to achieve maximum total weight.

How does a concrete filling lawn roller work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

If you are a professional horticulturist and are looking for a lawn roller, you will probably be satisfied with a model for concrete filling. Due to the highest weight of the three types, it is best suited for large rough areas. Ideally, it is also possible to combine it with a tractor by means of a towing device, since handling suffers a lot from the huge weight of the concrete embankment.

Benefits Disadvantages
Heavier than sand and water Manipulations made difficult
Mainly with trailer device Filling is expensive and tedious
Suitable for large areas

The price of concrete varies depending on the manufacturer and averages 80 to 100 euros per m³ — which is comparable to a load of sand. On the other hand, filling with concrete takes much longer, because not only the filling process itself, but also the time of hardening are added. Due to the lack of air, this operation takes longer than average and carries a risk of imbalance if gaps are formed during filling.


Handling and Equipment

Roller, handle and usually also dirt scraper — the construction of a lawn roller is simple, but the design differences of the three parts have a major impact.

Handle height: length and stability are important

A lawn roller is relatively heavy if it is filled with water or even sand. So you need to be able to push it easily, which is possible only with a sufficient height of the hitch. When buying, so you need to make sure that the height of the handle is also comfortable, depending on your size. Ideally, the length is adjustable.

Stability is also important. In the case of many lawn rollers, the weak point is either the attachment of the metal linkage to the roller, or the screwing of the metal bars between them. If the latter wobble, if the parts loosen after a short time or the screws need to be constantly tightened, this is not only boring, but also speaks in favor of lower quality and non-optimal technology.

The scraper

A dirt scraper rests against the roller with a slight clearance. It ensures that, especially in moist or loamy soils, no clad of adhering earth rises at each turn of the roll. It is important that the installation is carried out accurately and the dirt scraper is well placed by the manufacturer or can be adjusted individually. If it is too close, it can be caught in the small unevenness of the roll. If it is too far away, it will not fill sufficiently its function.

Assembly (mounting) of the lawn roller

Lawn rollers ordered by mail order should normally always be mounted by the customer. The dirt scrapers and the thrust linkage are mounted on the roller. It is important that assembly is simple, good instructions are provided, the lawn roller is stable after assembly, and the parts fit perfectly together. Unfortunately, sometimes there are weak points, especially with very cheap models.

Material and rust sensitivity

In some cases, there are very inexpensive plastic lawn rollers, but they can usually be filled only with water (and not heavier sand). Metal lawn rollers are more stable and durable. Stainless steel is anti-rust, but also expensive. Powder coated steel is often used for garden rollers in the lower than medium price segment. It is stable, easy to clean and does not rust. However, rust is possible if the paint flakes or bursts. Screws, handles and dirt scrapers can also be sensitive to rust if they are not made of stainless steel.

If you have a lawn, you should also invest a little time in its maintenance. Because only a well-maintained lawn is healthy, stable and can enrich the ecosystem of your garden.

After each sowing or fertilizing, do not forget to have your garden undergo a complete rolling treatment. Not only will your turf be flat and sturdy, but it will grow better and faster!

With a lawn roller, this process is simple and reliable, so no well-groomed garden should be devoid of such a device!