How to trigger his menstruation ?

Control your menstrual cycle with these natural tricks! Here are 8 more or less effective tips to trigger menstruation before they catch you by surprise… Your ovaries will not have the last word!

You’re going to the bivouac next week and you don’t want your period to fall at that time? Are you afraid to get pregnant and prefer to have irrefutable evidence? Or just fell behind you want to catch up. Although your period is a natural hormonal phenomenon that doesn’t trigger voluntarily so easily, you can still control your menstrual cycle using natural remedies and bring up your period a little sooner than expected. Here are some tips on how to trigger your rules in a 100% Natural way . Bleeding to order!

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1/ Begin menstruation by consuming targeted medicinal plants

Plants, even if they are natural, can be as powerful as a Prescription drug. For example, some would have the power to act on fertility or ovulation, and even go so far as to trigger a miscarriage! That is to say… Learn more about their hormonal properties before consuming them. Be aware that there are several varieties that can make your period appear earlier:Chinese angelica,motherwort,white peony or actaea racemosa. Fertilizing plants?

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Credits: Kerdkanno/Pixabay 2/ Eating high vitamin C fruits and vegetables to revive ovulation

Vitamin C contained in certain fruits and vegetables (but also as a dietary supplement) would increase the walls of the uterus and endometrium by promoting its contraction and, by extension, the onset of menstruation. Give preference to greens, lemons and oranges,kiwiortomatoes. Also, be aware that some of these foods would have the power to relieve menstrual pain, cramps and other discomfort in the lower abdomen, or those that occur during PMS . In addition to your potential irritability and other associated disadvantages…

3/ Triggering menstruation with parsley tea

Parsley leaves contain apiol and myristicin , substances known to contract the uterus and uterine wall. Even if these hormonal virtues have not been clinically proven on ovulation, some women observed that when consuming parsley tea, their menstruation appeared earlier. It does not cost anything to try, because parsley is also excellent for health!

Credits: Pixabay 4/ Add turmeric to your dishes to boost your cycle

Turmeric is known to relieve menstruation or premenstrual pain associated with menstrual or premenstrual syndrome, or in rare cases endometriosis (in this case, consult your gyneco as soon as possible). The spice is sometimes used in some populations to trigger delayed menstruation , although this phenomenon has not been scientifically proven. Painful menstruation or not, in any case, turmeric is excellent for health, so you have everything to gain from consuming it!

5/ Adapt your lifestyle to trigger your rules

A delay in menstruation is often due to stress, which changes the function of the part of your brain that regulates your hormones and triggers your ragnas. Rest, relax, meditate, do yoga, take a bath, in short, pursue this Naughty stress by all means! A regular cycle has no secret…

Credits: Pexels/Pixabay 6/ Do not play too much sport to avoid blocking ovulation

Excessively playing sports can lead to a delay in menstruation and disrupt your natural cycle. By the way, most high-level athletes have very little or almost non-existent menstruation (amenorrhea phenomenon). To avoid hormonal imbalance and try to trigger your menstruation in the “rules” of art precisely, moderate your efforts and respect your body. In any case at this time, fatigue is never good to take.

Credits: Pixabay 7/ Start your period by changing your method of contraception

The pill is a mode of contraception that can cause hormonal “collateral damage” on your body. A change in birth control pill may even lead several months without a drop of blood. Ask your gynecologist for advice to agree with you on another method of contraception if it does not suit you. Today there are many alternatives to take full advantage of your light-minded sexual intercourse! Vaginal ring, copper IUD ,spermicides, menstrual sponge and of course, this good oldcondom

8/ Triggering your period by pursuing stress

Another method of triggering menstruation that is not always included in textbooks: the psychological tool! If you are psychotic and praying for menstruation at a specific time, your menstruation may not happen as you wanted under pressure. Worse still, if you are prone to amenorrhea (absence of menstrual flow to the of time). Let go and let nature go!

Credits: Wikimedia Commons Since puberty, our first Now in adulthood, let’s resume our menstruation listening to our bodies and controlling our menstrual cycles!

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