How to transfer data from PS4 to PS5?

The PS5 is coming and you are certainly looking forward to it. If you are afraid of being lost and not regaining your habits on this new machine, don’t panic. Here is a small tutorial that allows you to recover your PS4 data and get started on PS5.

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PS5 compared to PS4

The PlayStation 5 arrives in the video game market. This console introduces a new generation based on 4K/60FPS gaming and ultra-fast loads. However, it will still be possible to play his “old” PS4 games on his PS5 and recover the data from his PSN account.

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For those who know a little how a console works, switching from PS4 to PS5 will be a breeze. For others, here is a quick tutorial for you guide in the installation of your brand new PS5.

Recover Backups on PS4

The PS5 allows you to play almost all of its PS4 games. Almost, because a handful of titles, like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, are not compatible. To continue the game started on the console standby, it is already necessary to recover your backups on PS4. Three ways are available to you.

The first is cloud backups. To do this, you must subscribe to the PS Plus, Sony’s online service that costs 9 euros per month. Once done, the games are saved automatically online (up to 100 GB). If you want to manage online backups or make sure everything is in order, just go to Settings, then to Manage Backed up Application Data, then Data Backed up to System Storage and finally go to Upload Upstream on online storage.

It is also possible to store your data locally on an external hard drive or USB stick. After you plug it in, go back to the settings, then go to the Manage Backed up Application Data menu, then to Data Backed up to System Storage, then Copy to a USB Storage Device . Once done, it will be necessary to reintroduce the key to its PS5 and transfer the backups automatically.

The third method is the simplest, but requires a little installation, since it will have to plug in and turn on your PS4 and PS5 at the same time for machine-to-machine transfer. Both must be connected to the same Wifi network or connected via an Ethernet cable. One Once done, you have to go to the settings of your new PS5 and select System.

In the first menu (System Software), select the Data Transfer tab. Once done, a tutorial appears and just press continue and follow the instructions.

Install his PS5, nothing good sorcerer

To install its PS5, nothing easier, since everything is already provided in the box. No need to reuse the AC plug or your old HDMI cable, everything is already provided. It is possible to place it upright or lying, depending on the configuration of your living room, thanks to a small plastic base provided in the box.

The console features remarkable ventilation, which runs all along of the facade. So there is no concern about heating theSimply plug in the AC port and HDMI port to launch the PS5 console, but do not put it in a closed cabinet either, be reasonable.

Once the console is plugged in and turned on, the installation phase starts and several things will be asked of you. The first is to connect your PS5 to a Wifi network (or plug it through an Ethernet cable). Then the machine will ask for your PSN credentials. You have to enter the same as on your PS4 (or PS3). Once done, the console will retrieve all your data, such as backups if you are a PSN subscriber, your trophies, or your game library. Once the console is started, you arrive at the main interface. From here, you can find all your PS5 and PS4 games on the library which is located on the right of the home.

Play PS4 games on PS5

Two cases of figures then show up. In the first case, you have a dematerialized version of a game, that is, purchased directly online. In the library, just select the game (PS4 or PS5) and download it. It will pin to the home page and it will be possible to resume your game after following the instructions above, provided that the developers have worked on backward compatibility of backups (which is not always the case). You will notice that some games can be locked (with a small padlock in a corner). This means that it is necessary to have the disc to play , which brings us to our second case.

You bought the game in a box, so you own a disc. If you have cracked for a “normal” PS5, that is to say 499 euros, no worries. It just insert the disc and wait for the game to install. Once done, it will always be necessary to have the blu-ray to launch it. Use does not differ from a classic PS4.

If you bought the PS5 Digital Edition (399 euros), the conclusion may be hard to swallow: you will not be able to play your old games on blu-ray. At the moment, Sony does not offer a solution and you will only have your eyes to cry. Only games purchased online will be recoverable.

More beautiful games, but under certain conditions

Finally, last thing to know, the games can be updated for the PS5 with a big patch. Some titles, such as Ghost of Tsushima or Days Gone, are already playable in 4K/60FPS, which was not the case on PS4 Pro.

Days Gone runs in 4K/60 FPS.

Unpatched games offer PS4 Pro version, sometimes with the choice between 4K/30FPS and 1080p/60 FPS mode. This is the case with Jedi Fallen Order or God of War. The update, like transferring backups, will depend on the will of the developers.

Note also that PS4 games are not optimized for PS5 SSD, so load times remain. They are halved, but they are still there, unlike those of PS5 games. Finally, Sony offers the PS Plus Collection with the PS Plus, which allows you to have all the biggest hits of the PS4 on its PS5, like God of War or Bloodborne.

Now you have all the keys to serenely install your console. The operation is simple and takes less than 10 minutes watch in hand.

It should be noted that Microsoft also offers data transfer from Xbox One to the Xbox Series. Again, the operation is very simple and similar on many points.