How to trace a phone from a number for free ?

You can find a mobile phone simply by having its number. There are actually several applications to do this. Some of these apps are free while others are paid. In addition, not all cell phone tracking tools are effective, especially those that do not charge you a fee for their use. Here we will reveal the best methods and programs available to track a mobile phone for free from its number.

Why use a phone tracker by number?

A number of reasons may cause a person to use a mobile phone tracker. For example, a parent concerned about their child’s attendance may try to find the child’s mobile phone number. An employer can also use this tool to get an idea of where an employee is.

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In particular, thanks to a child’s phone tracker, his parent can track him remotely and without permission. As for a boss, he is always looking for a way to know in real time where his employees are in order to be sure of their loyalty. Finally, everyone may want to know at any time the place where a loved one, family member or friend is located. So having a tool for the free localization of an employee’s child or child is the concern of many people.

How can we continually know the location of a mobile phone?

The ways to find the location of a mobile phone are many and varied. And if you’re one of those who think it requires the target’s laptop for its GPS system to be activated, think again. It is true that most of the available mobile phone locators work with GPS. However, there are also some programs that can do without tracking a mobile phone remotely.

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Some apps allow you to track even an idle and unconnected phone

So what to remember is that some apps are specially designed to work on the target phone in the background . So whether the laptop is active or not, connected to the Internet or not, these apps allow you to track it. Such programs assure you to keep track of the location of any phone, provided that you have installed them.

Free websites and apps can help you locate a mobile phone based on its number

There are websites that allow you to track a phone number for free . Similarly, some free apps that can perform the same task are available to you. Typically, these tools locate the phone by phone number, by calling it or sending a text message. In this way, they can accurately determine the location of the device in question, without arousing suspicions of the user.

With some social networks, you can learn more about the activities of your loved ones

The Social apps like Instagram and Snapchat allow you to follow your loved ones. But, as you probably know, in this case, you can do this only with the consent of the target people. In fact, they can decide to disable them whenever they want.

You can track your friends or family with location sharing programs

Some programs, for example, Gypsum, provide location sharing . Thus, you can also use to stay in touch with your child, spouse or friends.

With a bug, you can discover live where the target laptop is

There is another way to locate a mobile phone and find out in real time where the licensee is. In fact, you will constantly monitor the movements of the latter by installing a bug on his mobile device . But be careful, it could detect the presence, even if the probability is low. So there are several ways to track a mobile phone. Among them there are:

  • Dedicated (and paid) apps capable of monitoring a mobile device, even in case of inactivity or disconnection
  • certain Internet sites;
  • some free programs;
  • Social apps like Instagram and Snapchat
  • Location-sharing programs like Glympse
  • installing a bug on the target phone.

Each method has advantages and is more or less effective. However, there is probably no better way than a free phone tracker by number to satisfy anyone who needs to track a mobile phone.

With FamiSafe, you have a free phone tracker and a very reliable parental control tool****1

FameSafe is one The most popular and secure free phone trackers .

This application provides real-time monitoring of the location of any mobile device. Above all, thanks to FamiSafe, you do not need to root or jailbreak the phone in question to monitor it.

Are you a parent and want to have an easy-to-use app to know your child’s location at all times? FamiSafe will be very useful to you as a child’s phone tracker, but not that! Note that in addition to location tracking and geofencing , this program has many advanced features, including:

  • Locking application
  • Web Data Filter
  • screen time control ;
  • Setting intelligent parental control .

With FamiSafe, you can know when you want, and remotely, the location of a mobile phone. The app also provides the cell phone’s location history. To view it, simply browse through its dashboard. Thanks to FamiSafe’s geolocation feature, you will automatically receive registration or removal alerts.

Use this program to block applications such as websites that you do not want your child to access. FameSafe also allows you to limit the use of your child’s mobile phone. In particular, you will be able to set its access time, as well as its access locations to the device.

Finally, keep in mind that with FamiSafe, you don’t even need to dispose regularly from the child’s mobile phone to set it up. As soon as the app is installed on your device and yours, you will have the free hand to configure everything from your phone! All these features and installations make FamiSafe the best parental control app at your service.

What apps do you have to track a phone for free without having access to it?

FameSafe is a tremendous effective telephone tracker . Only, before you can use it, you must have it installed on the target laptop. This tracking app is therefore one of those that require at least once physical access to the device to be monitored. And it very often happens that you just want to look at someone whose mobile phone is not available. In this case, you need to resort to other options which guarantee to track a phone number for free and instantly. For example, you can choose the following applications:

  • Mobile Number Locator
  • Mobile Number Tracker Pro;
  • MobileNumberTrackr
  • Online GPS Phone Tracker;
  • Caller ID and locator number.

Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator is a free phone number plotter for devices running Android operating system. It has an interface with which you will have no difficulty getting acquainted with. Its mode of operation is very simple because it is enough to enter the phone number to be traced to know the location of the mobile phone.

Mobile Number Locator can tell you the time and location of the last activity on your phone. In addition, this program takes supports Google Maps and works in virtually every country, from the United States of America, Canada or India. Another feature of Mobile Number Locator that will certainly satisfy you is the caller ID. It should be noted that the application contains built-in ads, which allow you to finance its design and operation. This is the “price to pay” to use it for free.

Mobile Number Tracker

If you are an iPhone user, you won’t be able to use a mobile number locator designed only for Android laptops. What you need is the mobile phone number Tarcker Pro.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro follows a free iPhone in more than 200 countries! It gives you ample access to all the information related to a particular phone number. You also have the option to customize the interface of this program. However, there is one big drawback with Mobile Number Tracker Pro: instant tracking is not enough.


With MobileNumberTrackr , you have a free website for Exceptional Mobile Number Monitoring. This is because you can access it from any device. Most importantly, simply type the phone number you want to track to start the search and get the information you need.

Unlike the two previously mentioned apps, MobileNumberTrackr is designed for Android and iPhone. It is able to recognize and locate millions of numbers, even fixed numbers. In addition, MobileNumberTrackr can help you determine where a vehicle is currently located.

GPS Phone Locator

Several sites offer to track a mobile phone with its number and without paying the minimum fee. But some of these sites first ask you to complete certain registration formalities. Online GPS phone trackerline allows you to save these problems. It only asks you for the number to follow, the name of the holder, and the name of the country, to start the detection.

It is important to know that with Online GPS Phone Tracker you will get the desired results fairly quickly. In addition, these are fairly good accuracy. Just like MobileNumberTrackr, remember that the Online GPS Phone Tracker is compatible with any type of mobile device.

Caller ID and locator number

Caller ID and number locator are prominent in the category of free mobile phone tracking apps.

Already remember that it supports all phones running Android until it is a minimum version 4.0.3 of the operating system. Similarly, the caller ID and the number locator are able to locate a mobile phone using its number in more than 12,000 cities around the world.

This application also includes some advanced features such as caller identification and path logging. You can use for free, but if you are allergic to built-in ads, make your own way…

How do I install tracking software on a mobile phone without having access to it?

Most mobile phone tracking software must be installed before use. And if you don’t have access to the phone, you can use one of the apps we just presented to you. But, if you absolutely want to install spyware directly on the target phone, you have yet another possibility, installation from May l.

Some monitoring applications can be installed via email. The process is both simple and ingenious. It involves sending a photo to the email address of the person whose phone you want to spy on. And once that person opens the mail to see the photo, the spy program will install on their device.

This allows you to remotely access information from a mobile phone, via email introducing a spy program. The user will then record the actions of the phone user and you them will send. Of course, you will only be able to use this technique to spy on your child’s cell phone if you often send photos via email.

How do I track a mobile phone with Google Device?

The following method is intended for those who use a mobile device running Android, the operating system of Google. In fact, it comes with a built-in location service calledAndroid Device Manager .

Android Device Management is directly associated with the Google account of the user of the device you are connecting to. In other words, in order to be able to track a mobile phone using this device, it is necessary that:

  • You are logged in to your device’s Google account
  • the device’s internet connection is enabled
  • The device manager of the target phone is also enabled.

You do not need any special skills to use this service developed by the American firm. However, you must have access to the mobile phone you want to track to activate the “Google Find My Device” device manager. In addition, you will be able to know the location of the phone only if the user is connected to the Internet.

So make sure that all the conditions are met to use Android Device Manager. All you have to do is check the Find My Google Device dashboard to monitor the target mobile device. You will have access to all recent locations on the phone in question.

FameSafe is a free and extremely effective app for mobile phone localization and parental control. Other tools are also designed for Track a mobile device for free without physical access. These include Mobile Number Locator, Mobile Number Tracker Pro and MobileNumberTrackr.