How to set up your garden to the north?

Terrace, garden corner or balcony, the north is not much appreciated. You have a garden facing north and wondering if your plantations are going to take? There are various ways to arrange a garden or terrace located to the north and rather bathed in the shade. Follow all our tips for your plants, flowers, shrubs and the layout of your outdoor space.

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  • A garden and plants in the shade? Nothing serious!
  • Arrange your garden or terrace in the shade: tips
    • Knowing shade plants
    • What plants and flowers on a terrace or balcony to the north?
    • Perennials for shade
  • Opt for a garden decoration Zen
  • Have a piece of grass at all costs in your garden?
  • Is my space in the north ideal for a vegetable garden?

A garden and plants in the shade? Nothing serious!

When you want to create an outdoor space, you often imagine a garden bathed in sunshine, with a few areas of well thought out shade. If your garden is rather small, or you have a terrace in the city and in the shade, don’t panic. It is quite possible to arrange a super small garden corner while enjoying the shade .

Many plants are also sensitive to full sun and will prefer shade over direct light. Let’s do that, we will give you all the tips to find the plants and flowers that please in the garden to the north or on terrace in the shade.

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A garden or terrace facing north can quite look beautiful if you take into account the plant species that please it. Whether with specific plants or Zen garden decor, your space can have its charm without constant sun and without being exposed south as the majority of people wish.

Any gardener or landscape designer will tell you, no space is completely unsuitable for plants, but still it is necessary to choose its plants well. Plants of the Mediterranean type will have trouble . So you can forget about everything that is lavender massive or oleander bushes. Indeed, these plants need sunshine.

Knowing Shadow Plants

Plants exist by thousands! No problem for your garden if you are exposed to the north. Hydrangeas, Japanese maples, fuchsias, camellias and hostas are particularly comfortable in a shadow-dominated space.

Choose plants and plants that are sturdy to hold winter, preferably. If your terrace area or garden area to the north is located in a draft, you can always wintering your plants with a wintering sail.

To develop your garden to the north, you can opt for a space inspired by the undergrowth, which will in any case require less water than a south-facing garden or terrace. Shade plants can quite be ferns, ivy or mosses , which will appreciate the freshness of the shade.

What plants and flowers on a terrace or balcony to the north?

Plants with light foliage are recommended: they require less sunlight to perform their photosynthesis. Opt for persistent varieties and shade flowers or white flowers, which will bring their touch of clarity.

For flowers to choose from, you have the choice between many species. Begonia, bellflower, clematis, digital, winter jasmine, rhododendron, witch hazel, cyclamen, astilbe, azalea, lily of the valley, dogwood … For the shrubs to be preferred, you can lay pots with boxwood, holly, mahonia or even a quince tree.

Perennials for shade

A few other plants are comfortable in a zone of reasonable shade. In the garden and in the open ground, you can have on the ground ophiogon, heuchera micrantha, leucanthemum, sedge, heather, pyrethrum, violet, hellebore, sage, chrysanthemums, periwinkle

There is no shortage of species, but it is up to you to see what colors you want to arrange in your space in the shade. On a terrace, balcony or in a mini garden, the aesthetic results will not be the same.

Opt for a zen garden decoration

If you Do not like the plants mentioned above, you always have the opportunity to arrange a zen garden or mineral relaxation area, with pebbles, pebbles, a small fountain or a pond. You create a space of calm and freshness while giving a touch of zen to your decor . With sand, pebbles, some accessories or succulent succulent succulents, you’re not afraid of anything! These plants need only little maintenance.

Install stone curbs, for example, and feel free to put color with hanging plant pots and colorful garden or terrace furniture. You will brighten up your garden space in the blink of an eye.

Have a piece of grass at any cost in your garden?

If for you a garden must absolutely have a small grass space and you want to put plants in it, we have some small tips to give you.

Having a turf in a place exposed to the north can be raised from the cross and the banner! Be careful not to break your teeth on an impossible project. Better to give preference to an improved garden decor and forget about the idea of a perfect grass, which requires a minimum of sunshine.

In a garden facing north or on a terrace in the shade, be sure to pot your plants if they are fragile. This will save you from losing your plants in winter. If you opt for plants to put in open ground, make sure that they can withstand the shade , as the plants recommended above.

Is my space in the north ideal for a vegetable garden?

Your house has a balcony or a small terrace and you want to install a vegetable garden? You are told right away: this is an almost impossible mission without the sun. If you have very little sun, even with a mini-greenhouse , it will be very complicated to get anything out of your soil, or from your land (potted seedlings or planters).

On the other hand, you can quite arrange a corner for aromatics. Not all aromatic plants please in the shade but here are the ones that will be good there:

  • Lemon balm;
  • Comfrey;
  • sorrel;
  • Chives and chives;
  • Egopod, etc.

For the kitchen, this is just about all you can get from your garden corner, balcony or terrace in the shade. Forget all that is strawberries and raspberries , they will not take if they are sown and will not grow if they arrive in commercial seedlings.

Now you know how to design your garden, terrace or balcony facing north and shade. Be careful not to overdo it Watering your plants : a northern exposure is much less in need of water than a garden in the south.