How to set up a WhatsApp chatbot?

A Chatbot in general is a program that allows you to chat with users. You can find, for example, on websites, on M essenger or on WhatsApp.

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WordPress Chatbot are well known, because in fact, we see it very often on many sites where when a user addresses a question about the chat, he receives an automatic answer thanks to it. Similar to Messenger, it is used in particular by commercial pages. However, for WhatsApp, Chatbots remain little known.

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How does a Whatsup Chatbot work?

A WhatsApp Chatbot, or another Chatbot, works exactly the same way. This is a plugin that should be installed or associate with your site or in the case of WhatsApp, to your number phone.

A WhatsApp Chatbot needs to answer the various questions that will be asked by a user. It is usually used by websites also operating on WhatsApp or by companies. For example, a website puts its WhatsApp number at your disposal for questions. You add the number or click directly on the ‘WhatsApp’ icon of the site and then start trading with the bot.

The bot is therefore a programmed software that gives answers instantly based on the questions that are asked. For example, you will introduce answers to questions that you have defined yourself, then you will introduce the answers that will have to be communicated for these questions. However, this has some drawbacks. The question will have to be formulated exactly the same as you introduced it into your program. Spelling errors can also result in incorrect answers from the bot.

You can schedule your bot for a free discussion, this means that you leave the user the choice to formulate their questions, as you can define a list of questions and the user will have to choose . The second option would avoid a lot of inconvenience, that is why it is preferred to the first.

How do I get a Whatsup Chatbot?

You can create your custom Chatbot yourself with free or paid solutions, such as:

  • Botsify
  • Sequel,
  • Kore,
  • Imperson
  • Flow XO.

WhatsApp therefore allows its very many users to opt for a Chatbot, for this, it is necessary to create a business profile and thus have access to the different tools of WhatsApp messaging.

In addition, it is necessary to know that WhatsApp charges its massage shipments and that the rate applied differs from one country to another. This is one of the main rents of WhatsApp Messenger.

Chatbots are very useful, as they offer very high satisfaction to customers who have response elements in record time. In addition, the Chatbot sends messages at any time of day, unlike human writers who take the time to analyze and study the issue. A Chatbot is therefore very useful when there is redundancy in the questions that are asked.

How to set up a free chatbot easily?

It is undeniable today and more and more companies are embarking on the topic: it turns out that chatbots are formidably effective and you will be able to take advantage of it to boost your revenue in a completely crazy way.Unfortunately, as you may have seen if you did some research in the field, to find out how to create a chatbot for free, it can be very complicated to be able to get started. But fortunately there are solutions to be able to create your first chatbot and the benefits you will find are no less.

Indeed, it turns out that you can very easily create a chatbot both on Facebook Messenger as for your website under WordPress as under Whatsapp. But to go a little further, you will also have access to many third-party tools such as iAdvize or Gmail, which will allow you very easily and even for free to be able to have a tool like a pretty formidable chatbot! If today more and more French are embarking on chatbots, it is probably not by chance, then enjoy it before it is too late!