How to set up a Facebook chatbot?

Unable to miss the chatbot phenomenon, so it is essential to learn about how to create a chatbot on Facebook

Barely connected to a website as a small window opens. Then a conversational agent politely asks you how to help you. Unquestionable success, chatbots have conquered the Web in recent years.

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Marketing and sales quickly understood the many benefits a brand had to deploy chatbots. By combining them with the most popular social network in the world, Facebook, it is an even more powerful lever that can meet a large number of goals. Contrary to popular ideas, this technology is no longer the preroad of major brands. Creating a custom chatbot is not complex even without having any concept in development. Banana Content tells you how.

The chatbot, element of Sustainable digital strategy or simple fashion effect?

Chatbot comes from the contraction of two English words chat (conversation) and bot (robot), so it is a conversational robot. Concretely, it is a program that automates tasks and communicates with a user by trying to establish the most natural dialogue possible with them via a messaging service or a chat window .

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With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots have taken a new boost and the future seems to promise them bright days. Conversational agents learn better and better from their conversations to provide ever more relevant answers. They can be expected to become ubiquitous on the web and soon offer an even wider range of services.

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Create a Facebook chatbot: what is the point?

Facebook is by far the world’s leading social network in the number of active users (33 million in France) and its email service has nearly 1 billion users. So it’s the best way to be visible and reach a wide audience. In addition, the popularity of the platform offers the ability to bring new technology without confusing users, who are already accustomed to the codes and ergonomics of Facebook and Messenger .

Depending on how the chatbot is configured and depending on the questions it will have to ask, you will be able to get a lot of information about your contacts. It is therefore initially a resource to feed its contact base, but then it turns into a tool to help qualify prospects as conversations go.

Have sound own chatbot is also helping to improve the brand’s reputation. This gives the image of a modern, digital business, now available 24/7 and ultra-responsive for certain tasks thanks to automation.

A Facebook Chat Agent

The list of potential uses of a chatbot is constantly expanding and concerns all sectors of activity. Here are some examples of using chatbot on Facebook Messenger:

  • Make transactions (order at Pizza Hut or transfer money with TransferWise)
  • Set quotes (Live Questionnaire at Allianz)
  • Inform (broadcast articles for 20 minutes, weather forecast at Météo France)
  • Raising awareness (The Red Cross)
  • Attend (TravelsNCF, Meetic, Sephora)

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The usefulness of the chatbot to improve its transformation ratetelling

Creating a custom Facebook chatbot allows you to insert links or call-to-action buttons at certain points in the conversation, which correspond to information that the user is looking for at that moment. So he has a great chance of clicking on the CTA.

Chatbots improve the user experience and put it in better ways to respond to various requests (referring to a landing page, download, participation in a contest, registration for an event…).

Conversational agents allow us to collect valuable data about prospects. This makes it possible to offer a perfectly targeted offer, which will have a greater probability of being converted.

The chatbot is a tool of Highly effective loyalty , which allows to establish a close relationship with customers. Once this link is created, it is easier to request them regularly based on their profiles with particularly suitable offers and content.