How to send flowers to Belgium

Valentine’s Day is coming, and our desire for flowers is more than ever present. But with the sanitary crisis, not so simple to brighten up our interior remotely. We have prepared a selection of florists who offer delivery in Brussels.

The temperatures remain cool but the sun comes back little by little, so it’s an opportunity to put some color in our house. And with February 14 approaching, no question of leaving our interior without flowers. Whether you are single or as a couple, (yourself) offering a bouquet is always a pleasure.

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So if our local florist may not be open by these dark times, we have found you a few florists who will come to your home, give you something to rejoice a little your cocoon!

/ Pollen

Workshop Lover.Rich Dried Flowers? Aurélie Theunis from Pollen Atelier has what it takes to fill you. Dried flowers have been making their big comeback for three years and that’s not to displease us. Hyper trendy but also super durable since they are supposed to last a lifetime if you take good care of them!

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We make an appointment on the site, we look at the proposed sizes with the rates and we place an order. Your bouquet will be delivered by post for 10€. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at the workshop’s facebook page, or their instagram account.

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/ L’Atelier de la Rose

Are you fans of roses? The better, the Atelier de la Rose delivers you 7 days a week without worries. You will find a plethora of different colors and compositions for your bouquets but also eternal roses if you don’t want to care for your flowers too much.

To place an order? Very easy, go to their website, their facebook page or their Instagram account.It takes 10€ for delivery in Brussels and between 15 and 20€ on the outskirts.

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L’Atelier de la Rose also offers personalized cards to accompany your bouquet with a sweet word for your loved one. And if you want to make a sensation, the brand partners with the chocolate factory Henri IV to offer you 2 Valentine’s Day formulas: one at the price of 50€ and the other at the price of 70€… What to satisfy different budgets!

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/ O Flower

Anne-France Libert doesn’t let you down and delivers you a lot of things nicer than the other. From beautiful bouquets to flower hoops to dry flowers under bell, there is something for everyone!

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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Fleur d’Ô partners with Candice De Rijcke Jewelry and offers a special box for lovers. It is priced at 110€ and includes a bouquet of dried flowers and a silver necklace engraved with the text of your choice.

To order? Nothing simpler, we go to the site, and we choose our formula!

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/ Ben Van Hoo

Because we all need colors, especially right now, Ben Van Hoo delivers his bouquets to us Ultra fresh and colourful.

We order on your Instagram account, simply: no more excuse not to brighten up your home and (you) please Valentine’s Day!

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/ Loulou Bouquets of Character

Loulou leaves every week for her #LockdownLove delivery to bring you a little love and color to your home. The delivery of your bouquet is offered to you from 75€ of purchase.

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We go without further delay on his site or instagram account where we take a look at his pinned stories to see the proposals and prices, then we place an order!

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The eco-responsible MIEU concept store has concocted a selection of bouquets and circles of dried flowers, which will delight more than one. Because yes, we can love decor and flowers while respecting our environment.

Flowers are available on the e-shop and on their instagram account.

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/ Flower Addict

The Flower Addict shop offers a selection of dried flowers, bouquets and compositions in box or under bell, to satisfy all tastes.

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To order, go to the website or contact the brand directly to make a custom composition. If you are looking for some inspirations, take a tour on their facebook page or instagram account.

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