How to remove hair from his hair brush ?

So you love your hair, you are proud of your hair. You wash your hair every day, have regular appointments with your stylist to get them cut, colored, so on and on. It is possible that you spend much more than you even think you should on your hair. You love to pamper your hair so much that you forget that your hair brush also needs to be pampered from time to time. Take the time to make sure you have clean hair brushes as they will have a clean office from a renowned office cleaning company nyc

Imagine that, you just finished washing your hair. Everything is nice and clean excellent home cleaning. Then you take your brush or comb that you used a million times before on your unwashed hair and use it on your freshly cleaned hair. Think of it a moment. You just took your dirty hair that was left on the brush/comb and mixed it with your freshly clean hair. Now it’s not as clean as you think.

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How to clean is that it?

Let’s do it, clean hairbrushes and combs are much better than dirty brushes and combs. They collect debris of dirt and dead skin and its continuous accumulation is not good for your beautiful locks. The residue left by these beautiful hair products, also your hair natural oils can leave your hair brushes and comb grungy look.

With yours, hygiene, it is very important to keep everyday tools like comb and hair brushes clean. Your hair brush and combs are a tap of germs, conditioner, oil, dead skin and old hair. It may not seem like a very big deal, but clean brushes and combs help to style your hair and keep it lint-free.

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Wait! It is not necessary to throw away this old brush or comb and get new ones just because it has accumulated so many fluff on the gap of months or years. Here are some very valuable tips to keep your hair brushes and comb clean and work like new.

1. Removing hair

It is recommended to do this in a bathroom rather than a kitchen as the kitchen is mainly used for cooking Food and all loose hair can go into food and make it unhygienic. First of all, remove all the hairs with your fingers or a toothpick. Choose as many hair as you can. You can also wet the hair brush and comb under water, this will soften the hair and it would be easy for you to remove them.

2. Moisten the brush

Place a small shampoo brush on the hair of the comb or hair brushes. Carefully rub the hairs with your hands, but make sure that the tips of the hairs do not hurt you.

3. Soak the brush

For the remaining pieces of hair and debris, soak the brush under warm water with a little shampoo or baby detergent. Generally speaking, baby shampoo is very good for cleaning makeup brushes. Hot water and detergent will soften dirt and debris in the hair of the hair. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to clean hair brushes and combs. Pour half cup of vinegar into half a cup of hot water and soak all your brushes and comb in it for about half an hour. Wait until the dirt and hair is wet and soft. Similarly, you can mix baking soda with warm water and soak in your hair brushes. But remember, an exception to the process of baking soda is that, not to immerse certain types of hair brushes and comb in it.

The padded brush, wooden full-bodied brushes, rubber brushes and comb and natural boar bristle brushes. Allowing water to pass through the vent hole of the padded brushes will erode the cushioning of the brush faster and reduce its duration of conservation. A full-bodied wooden brush or comb can cause water absorption and can damage the finish and cause the body to swell and break. While natural boar bristles contain natural hair that would absorb moisture like other natural hair types so that the bristles can twist or curl if wet.

4. Use a toothbrush

You can use a toothbrush for cleaning debris and remnants in the bristles of hairbrushes and comb. This will indeed be useful for cleaning the hair brushes and comb until the end of their root inside the hairs. It would be advisable to use a new toothbrush rather than an old one. You cannot use the one for your hair that you used for your teeth; could you? Rinse the combs and brushes well hair.

5. Dry Brush

Take a clean cotton towel would be preferred, dry the combs and hair brushes using the cotton towel and let the remaining water dry alone. Keep them in a clean place so that other particles of dirt, grime and dust do not stick to it as this can easily happen when combs and hair brushes get wet.

6. Repeat

Now, after drying, clean it again with a dry towel so that dust particles are removed if necessary in the hair brushes and comb. And VOILA , You’re done! Your hair brushes and combs are now clean and you can use them to keep your beautiful locks. Wash hair tools twice a month can be very useful for your long braids; it will not only keep your hair Clean hair, but also keep your hair healthy.

Bonus tricks

  • Throw pieces of hair stuck in your brushes because it could accumulate oil in your scalp and it can damage your hair.
  • Remove your hair from your hair brushes and combs after each brushing
  • Always clean your hair brushes and comb gently so that the bristles do not come off.
  • Never use a finger to rub a brush, it is very painful to get pinned in the finger by a hair and even worse under a nail.

Hopefully you learned some awesome tips on how to keep your brushes and combs clean! If it worked for you, please drop us a comment below. And if you have any other tips on cleaning the house please leave us a comment below. We like to hear ourreaders!