How to Recover Deleted Photos on PC?

You accidentally deleted photos on your PC and are looking for an emergency solution? Don’t panic, we tell you step by step how to recover your photos on your PC, whenever possible.

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  • Recover Photos by Checking Recycle Bin
  • Go Get Latest System Backup
  • Deleted Photos: Use Data Recovery Software
  • Tips to Avoid Losing Data and Files

Recover photos by checking the trash

You accidentally deleted photos by pressing the Delete/Delete key? If you absolutely do not know how to get them back, the first reflex is to go see if the files and folders of the deleted photos are located in the recycle bin of your PC . All data deleted manually are normally stored in your PC’s recycle bin until you empty it.

To access your PC’s recycle bin, look for the Windows Trash icon, which is permanently located on your computer’s desktop. Double click, and make sure that the deleted photo data is there. If so, restore deleted files and photos. They will return to their original file. If it’s not, don’t panic. It will simply have to move on to the next trick, which is to use data recovery software .

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If by mistake, when you were on your photos folder, you pressed the Shift Delete or Shift Delete keys, you asked the computer to permanently delete the photo data. Deleted photos do not go through the Recycle Bin box but will be directly evacuated of the computer. You will then have the solution of data recovery thanks to software that will search for your images in an earlier memory of the computer.

Fetch the latest system backup

If you recently made a backup of your PC , no problem recovering your deleted photos. Depending on the Windows version of your PC, you will need to fetch the backup made and ask to reinstall it.

Be aware that if you reinstall a backup of the computer, any changes that occurred in the meantime will be deleted. This operation is risky , because if you have a chance of recovering your deleted photos, you have a risk of losing other data.

Tip : Do not reinstall an internal backup if it is too old and if you have made important updates since then.

Deleted photos: use data recovery software

Windows never really deletes data and files. By using data recovery software, you have the opportunity to find free and simply your photos and all deleted data. These software can be downloaded freely online. Find out about the various software that exists. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software is one of the solutions you may be interested in. Check the compatibility of your operating system before downloading.

Free versions of data recovery software are limited to a certain amount of data to be recovered. Paid versions offer more data volume and are quite accessible in terms of price.

Tips to avoid losing data and files

An accident quickly happened on a computer: a child playing, improper manipulation or even an oblivion… The error is human. To avoid losing your photos and files and trying to recover your deleted data, make regular backups .

Your backups can go:

  • Either on physical media: CD, DVD, external hard drive;
  • Either on dematerialized media: Cloud, account or online photo gallery;
  • PC backups can be programmed automatically to ensure optimal security for your files, photos and all your files.