How to recognize a chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot? Messenger and Bot are often cited together. The chatbots were until now only known on Facebook Messenger. What about whatsapp chatbots or bots? We have gathered six practical examples.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article

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    • WhatsApp Chatbots, WhatsApp Bots, Messenger Bots or Just Bot: What is it?
    • How do I design a chatbot on WhatsApp?
    • 3 examples of chatbots on WhatsApp
    • 3 things to remember

    The majority of chatbots can be found on Facebook Messenger. On this platform developers have a wide range of possibilities and features to design user-friendly, easy-to-use chatbots. But in markets such as South America, Africa, Asia or Germany, where WhatsApp is good more common than Facebook Messenger, you can’t miss a chatbot on WhatsApp.

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    WhatsApp Chatbots, WhatsApp Bots, Messenger Bots or Just Bot: What is it?

    The terms WhatsApp chatbots, WhatsApp bot, Messenger bot, or just chatbots have one thing in common: they all represent the same thing, a bot. Here is a Wikipedia definition:

    “A conversational agent is a program that attempts to talk with a person for a few minutes or more by giving them the impression of converting herself with a person.”

    How do I design a chatbot on WhatsApp ?

    In principle, a chatbot on WhatsApp is designed in the same way as a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Generally speaking:

        • a chatbot must go into the sense of the company’s goals!
        • WHO should talk ABOUT WHERE, HOW and WHAT: the checklist of a successful chatbot.
        • A chatbot does not need artificial intelligence, but a smart and human design!

      Six points should absolutely be taken into account when designing a chatbot:

        • What goal should a (marketing) chatbot have?
        • What tone should my chatbot adopt?
        • What does the chatbot need to talk about?
        • Do I want to propose a guided or free dialogue?
        • How do I create a chatbot dialog?
        • How do I react to questions my chatbot cannot answer?

3 examples of chatbots on WhatsApp Try the MessengerPeople Solution for 14 days for free! Customer Service and Marketing Automation via Messaging instant!

Here, the user looks for different recipes using a hashtag. The bot responds with a selection of recipes that match the user’s request., a German cuisine magazine, has not only a website with many recipes, but also a chatbot that works on Facebook Messenger as well as on WhatsApp.

The bot answers questions related to recipes and all kinds of dishes. The user directly receives ideas for cooking dishes corresponding to his search by hashtag. The bot also sends ideas every day for inspiration in the form of various recipes.

The peculiarity: Inspiration by Hashtag

The bot explains to the user how he can enter in contact with an employee or how he can make an appointment directly in the chat. Various shortcuts allow you to specify the appointment request.

Volkswagen Automobile in Frankfurt offers a special service with its workshop, namely making an appointment via WhatsApp. A chatbot on WhatsApp asks customers to provide them with the necessary information beforehand. These are then forwarded to the corresponding customer advisor, who accompanies the customer during a 1:1 chat.

The peculiarity: direct personal contact as well as the speed of appointment assignment.

The What’smebot offers career advice: relying on 8 questions the user needs to answer, the bot suggests a job.

The Federal Employment Agency has set up a chatbot with MessengerPeople, which helps the user to define what type of business is suitable for him. The What’sme-Bot asks the user to describe themselves and all this in a relaxed tone. Fun GIFs are also integrated into the dialogue. At the end of the discussion the user receives a profile card with his typical business.

The peculiarity: It is possible to do in the professional orientation as was done 10 years ago. Or we can make it more modern, as we can see here. The WhatsApp Bot of the Federal Employment Agency not only wants to be the “apple of discord”, but also wants to offer communication adapted to its demographic target.

3 things to remember

                      1. Bots on WhatsApp adapt to the real life of (future) customers by addressing them where they spend the most time: on WhatsApp!
                      2. The marketing messenger is fast, direct and personal, that means it requires all your attention!
                      3. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Co. have a huge advantage: you can contact their users in an instant!

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