How to Primer a Pool Pump

The filter pump is disabled when it does not contain enough water . Since it no longer sucks or rehates water, there is a rupture in the hydraulic system of the technical room.

If filtration works while the pump is running under vacuum, there is a risk of irreversible deterioration of the pump motor (overheating).

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Most pool pumps are said to be self-priming. They are able to handle ruptures in the dynamic equilibrium of the hydraulic system.

But in some cases explained here, they can defuse. It It is therefore necessary to take care of things to restore filtration in good working order.

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Possible causes of disabling the pump

— Skimmers suck air because the water level is too low in the pool = you need to fill the pool up to 3/4 of the skimmers. — Cleaning robot or manual vacuum cleaner that sucks air (the most common). — Cleaning the pump pre-filter forgetting the closure of the skimer/drain valves (if the technical room is above the pool level as in The video above). — Intake of air into the filter circuit due to incorrect tightening (whistling = tightening or clogging) or poor sealing to the pump pre-filter (put oil jelly or water-based grease when screwing the cap). — Faulty pump, end of life = to repair or change.

Not to forget to do the repriming of the pump

— VERY IMPORTANT: Never handle the multilane valve when the system is in operation. Always turn off the system electrically between each change in position of the multichannel valve. — IMPORTANT: If there is a valve on the drain hose, consider opening it if you put the valve in the washing position (as when rinsing).

Case 1: Technical room above water line

— Stop filtration. — Close all suction valves (foaming machines, Drain, broom cap) and leave the discharge valves open. — We fill the pump pre-filter to the brim with a bucket. — Closes the pre-filter cover. — Put the valve in the washing position if the filter has also drained its water or in a recirculating position if the filter is full of water. — Open a skimmer valve. — We start the system quickly. — Then we gradually reopen the other suction valves, except the outlet of the broom if there is no cleaner connected. — If the system has been restarted in the washing position, then rinse (stop filtration, put in the rinse position, rinse, stop filtration, put the valve in the filtration position, reactivate filtration).

Case 2: Technical room below the water line level (buried, garage, etc.)

— Stops filtration. — Open one or more valves suction (foaming machines, drain) to fill the pump pre-filter basket. — The discharge valves are left open. — Put the valve in the washing position if the filter has also drained its water or in the recirculating position if the filter is full of water. — The system is switched on.

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