How to prepare for a blood test ?

When you need to do medical examinations or donate blood, a blood test is mandatory. It is an act that allows you to take a small amount of this precious liquid, either for analysis or more simply to inject it to a third person. However, it should be known that before taking a blood test, there are certain precautions to take in advance. Indeed, it will be important to be in the best conditions so that the blood is in an optimal state for removal.

Being to a young person before taking blood

Before a blood test, it is mandatory to be on an empty stomach during the 10 at 12 hours before the procedure. In the medical world, it is about biological fasting. This is why this type of appointment is always made in the morning. This is even more so when it comes to a lipid or carbohydrate balance. However, you will still be able to consume water. It will not affect the blood test. In addition, you can also drink coffee or milk when it comes to urea or creatinine. In this case, too, the consumption of these liquids will not affect.

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However, some exceptions can be cited with blood tests regarding hormonal measures or HIV AIDS testing. In these cases, jeans are not an obligation.

Avoid smoking before a blood test

Smoking is not good in any case. From as a result, it is not advisable to do so before a blood test. Some biologists even recommend stopping 10 to 12 hours before surgery. Beyond the fact that this is a harmful activity from any point of view, one should also take into account the fact that smoking significantly increases the level of white blood cells in the blood. This is not ideal before a blood test.

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What about taking medication?

When you are on treatment and need to take medication, you are not obliged to stop it in case of blood sampling. This is something that is even not recommended by doctors. You must therefore continue your treatment unless there is obviously a contrary opinion.

In short, make sure you respect the prerequisites for the blood test in the bstconditions.