How to pay a Mercedes cheaper?

Finding an affordable Mercedes is a real challenge for the buyer looking for bargains. This brand, very popular on the market, is expensive in France. The German quality and reputation of the manufacturer seem to limit the possibilities of buying a Mercedes at a reasonable price. Some tricks, however, can help you acquire the much-wanted car without emptying your wallet.

Buy your car in Germany

Germany is a reference country for car buyers. Mercedes enthusiasts can take advantage of the country’s import assets to make bargains. As a rule, buying an automobile in its home country is cheaper. In Germany, both local and imported brands are offered at uncompetitive import prices. While local conditions prompt you to position yourself quickly, it is not useful to rush. The best offers are not necessarily the ones suggested to you first. By searching for your Mercedes at a dealer in Germany, you do not limit your choice to a single model. Used cars in Germany are sold in very good condition.

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Buying a Mercedes in its home country saves you up to 30% of your budget. Second-hand, a Mercedes acquired in its home country meets specific quality criteria: it must be more than 6 months old and accumulate more than 6.000 km. If it is possible to order your purchase directly online, moving around can be advised to see the condition of the car. However, this live observation can be achieved by a trusted third party, who will evaluate the car for you. Even bought second-hand, a Mercedes remains a high-end car whose purchase represents an investment. Calling a serious dealer or agent avoids unpleasant surprises. This also offers you a guarantee on the product and its terms of delivery in France.

Take the time to compare

Comparing offers from multiple dealers is a useful approach to finding truly advantageous purchasing conditions . If auto brokers redouble their efforts and arguments to quickly make a sale happen, it is necessary to analyze the details of each offer. It is not uncommon for the figures announced to be tempting… but small ancillary expenses increase the bill. Comparisons between dealers should be based on:

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  • Whether or not VAT is included on the advertised price : VAT is often a source of disagreement, as unscrupulous dealers will avoid addressing the subject. In Germany as elsewhere, this tax is generally not included in the quotation presented. Take the time to ask for the right information before confirming your order or moving around. Calling a serious dealer will prevent you from being subject to VAT fraud that could justify seizing the vehicle.
  • The choice of models available : if you were looking for a specific Mercedes model, a good dealer will be able to offer you matching ranges or other models that may be of interest to you. Going through a professional, you discover the pros and cons of every reference of the brand. A trusted dealer will be able to advise you based on your needs, future use of the car and your budget.

Recall that the best offer will be the one that will save you money while ensuring the good condition of the vehicle. Among the selection criteria, the Junge Sterne warranty also weighs on the scale : this label offers a 24-month warranty, as well as extended support over the 12 months following purchase. Valid throughout Europe, the warranty covers troubleshooting, transportation costs, quick troubleshooting, or legal assistance. It concerns the vast majority of Mercedes that you can buy in Germany, and it is effective as soon as the vehicle is handed over.

Opt for end of series

Series endings are invariably cheaper, since they are instantly devalued by the manufacturer. Operated every 2 or 3 years, restyling a car makes its first versions obsolete . The same applies to the overhaul that takes place every 5 years. At Mercedes, as with other brands, the renewal of the ranges is an opportunity to brade the endings of series. Available stocks are offered with discounts that reduce the invoice in a consistent manner. In this way, older generations of a vehicle can be negotiated well below their original price with dealers.

Buy at the end of a calendar year

Dealers and resellers sell prices at the end of a calendar year. This solution can help you find an almost new or very well maintained Mercedes at a reduced price . From the end of November, dealers focus on the quantities of sales made over the year. Buying at this time offers you the opportunity to reasonably negotiate the price of your car.

Builders’ sites

Manufacturers sites can also offer amazing discounts on vehicles in stock. For a few years, Mercedes has been offering the opportunity to discover the models available online. The site can also recommend trusted distributors where you can find used vehicles in good condition . Although prices may be slightly higher than with a conventional dealer, the offers available on the manufacturer site remain interesting for those who want to save money.

Take an auction tour

Auctions can also book beautiful surprises for lovers of Mercedes. By referring to a specialized newspaper, you can easily find out about the places and dates of these events in your area. Finding a Mercedes sold at a good price is not difficult: it must be remembered, however, that you will not be able to assess the actual condition of the car before its acquisition. There are, however, rooms for auctioned vehicles. This precaution is recommended if you are afraid of a failure or a condition that does not meet your expectations.