How to open a door ?

In France, everyone has the habit of locking their door. But a wind shot, a lock problem, a forgotten key inside the lock or a lost key… and here you are facing a locked door, with no possibility of opening. How to open a locked door before appealing to a locksmith? We explain everything to you!

Locked door: how to do it?

In the large cities and especially in Paris but also in the province, closing your door is a guarantee of security for the occupants and for the property of your home. If you have forgotten your keys on the table or in the lock on the other side of the door, you can quickly find yourself stuck outside your home. Damaged locksmith equipment can also be the cause of your disorder, or an armored door slammed too quickly or a recalcitrant lock because of the cold…

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Whatever the reason, before using force on the lock or calling a locksmith, it is possible to do otherwise. Here are some troubleshooting methods to open a closed door.

Unlock a Locked Door with a Impact Key

The impact wrench is a practical tool. With him you have the opportunity to unlock and open a locked door. They are mostly used on protes locked for a long time . The use of a percussion key will most certainly damage the lock of your door, so you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of your decision before you start.

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What is a Impact Wrench?

Any key that enters a lock can potentially become a percussion key. A locksmith can make you one, it is also possible to place an order online with delivery. For the most handymen and if there is no emergency, making your own impact wrench to open a door is feasible, with the right tools and the right technique.

The steps to follow with the impact key:

  • Push the key into the lock to the last pin: you have to go frankly. When All pins are aligned, you just need to turn the key.
  • Strongly press the key, using a mallet as needed. Be careful not to twist the key.
  • Give a dry blow with the mallet: the action of the percussion and turn.
  • Reproduce the action several times until the door opens. An old lock should end up yielding with a little perseverance.

Crochet his door lock to open it

This is an uncommon but effective method. Yes, crocheting your own door can help avoid locksmithing and locksmith costs. The burglars use this method quite frequently. A paper clip or hairpin will help you with the picking operation. The doors and locks all have different ergonomics but can be hooked with minimal skill and the right tools. These methods are a bit controversial because often used for the wrong reasons.

Opening doors with everyday tools

Credit card : yes, you’ve read it right! The technique is simple, but not necessarily on modern doors. Simply slide the card lengthwise between the door pillar and the door. The mechanism of the lock should yield. This method works only if the door has been slammed and is not locked .

You have to slide the card with a dry blow into the gap: after this operation, the card will be unusable, just know it.

A radio to open your door

An X-ray is thin and solid enough to be used to repel a turn-bolt, in the same way as a credit card. Gently shake the door, it will eventually open. Same, this Radio technique is ideal on an unlocked door. A piece of rigid and recyclable plastic type (milk bottle, etc.) can also do the trick. These two methods save you from calling a locksmith.

The breakthrough of your door lock

Drilling the lock of a door will not preserve the lock but will open the door from home! This requiresa good size drill bit (depending on your lock). Only pin locks can be drilled at the cylinder level. A move back and forth and the turn is played. Then use a screwdriver to open the door. Your lock will need to be replaced illico in order to protect your home.

Brute force, ram… or locksmith

As a last resort, there is of course brute force or a ram to push the door. In this case, know that your door and lock will likely be damaged . Do not go with the shoulder but with the flat of the foot while taking your supports well. With a ram, the result will be the same… but you can go home.

If for some reason none of these methods worked… Call a locksmith or a company specializing in locksmith: these professionals will know how to help you appropriately.

It is important to do things right, especially if you want to preserve your property and your door. A locksmith is accustomed to this kind of problems ofeveryday life.