How to make a ribbon cockate?

Wrap a gift: how to be original

To make a nice gift package, you have to get the right material, but also have the perfect idea that allows us to get the best final effect. You can wrap your gift according to the most classic techniques or be inspired by original and creative suggestions. Here is what we offer you today: the tutorial for the package “tie and shirt”. In this tutorial we explain step by step how to create a very original gift package, ideal as a gift for a man and recommended for flat packages with a rectangular or square shape: a scarf, a book, a shirt, a sweater… typically male gifts.

What do you need

  • wrap paper in your favorite color: the pattern of the gift paper will be the “fabric” of the shirt of your package (here the Sadoch paper);
  • Ribbon for Wide Packages: preferably choose one made of fabric, which will be easier to tie and become the tie of your gift package;
  • scissors;
  • the gift to be wrapped.

How to proceed

Cut out the gift paper so as to successfully wrap the gift completely; to do this, do the following:

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  • place the package vertically;
  • cut out the paper in such a way that once the package is wrapped, enough flap remains in the lower part enough to normally close the package (½ of the thickness of the gift) and in the upper part an amount of paper equal to half the height of the gift;
  • wrap the package, trying to make the paper stop near one of the two side ends and not at the center of the package.

Secure the paper in the lower part and along the height of the package. Flatten the paper in addition to the upper part and place horizontally, in the upper part, about 1 meter of tape, which must overflow the same length to the right and left. Wrap the tape while remaining perpendicular to the top edge of the package. After a few turns, it should remain about ½ cm of paper between the wrapped tape and the edge of the package. Then cut the paper between the ribbon and the bundle, right and left, ⅓ the width of the gift; fold the ribbon tips on the right and left towards the center and tie the ribbon to create the collar of the shirt. Take a piece of tape and pull it down, then attach it to the back of the package. With the other end, tie a real tie knot around the part you previously tied to form the collar.Secure the “shoulders” of your shirt with tape. Finally, with the scissors, cut out the bottom edge of the tie in tip… and the turn is done! Your special “shirt and tie” package is ready.

To achieve a perfect result, pay attention to 3 aspects:

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  • first, choose a gift of a suitable shape;
  • combine the colors of the tie and shirt by choosing a well-matched paper and ribbon;
  • choose a ribbon of a suitable width to have a tie proportionate to your “shirt”.

One more touch: if instead of a tie you tie a bow on the ball, your shirt becomes feminine!