How to make a lollipop ?

Recognizing a pacifier is not very difficult, but knowing how to make one correctly, it requires a little tact. Proof of love, tenderness, sometimes even possession, pacifier can take various meanings, it all depends on the intention of the one who does it. If you want to make an attempt, follow these tips that can serve you well at the right time.

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What is a lollipop?

A lollipop is a mark left on the body after someone sucks it out. From the scientific point of view, this is a kind of bruise that can disappear after 3 to 6 days, depending on the intensity of suction. Pink color marks the burst of blood vessels on the affected area. However, healing is fast and does not have a negative impact on health. After a few days, the pink spot will become more and more to disappear completely afterwards. The pacifier should be made in intimacy, out of sight.

Make a lollipop, why?

The pacifier is often done under the influence of a strong mutual desire. In most cases, they are found in the neck and torso. Some people, on the other hand, use it to mark their territory, to show others that it is a supervised hunt. However, since the pacifier is quite poorly seen in public, most people who have the pacifier around their neck prefer to hide these marks under a turtleneck sweater.

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Good or bad thing

The The opinion of couples about the pacifier is well shared. Men or women, many people categorically refuse to have the pacifier at the body level, especially at the level of visible areas. Indeed, it must be acknowledged that this is quite embarrassing under certain circumstances, especially since it shows everyone that you have recently shared your privacy with your partner. From another point of view, the pacifier can also help to recognize unfaithful partners. Other people, on the other hand, consider it a mark of tenderness as kisses and do not deprive themselves at all.

How do I do this?

— Ensuring mutual consent

First of all, you will need to make sure that your partner has nothing against the pacifier. This is very important because it could instantly harm your little moment of tenderness if your Spouse is one of those who do not like to have marks on the skin. The ideal is to talk about it before doing so, in this way you would not have any interruption at the time of the action.

— Put yourself in the atmosphere

Suction requires patience, immediately attack the neck is not advisable. First you will have to put your partner in the mood, starting with small kisses. The more pressure rises, the more kissing will be inflamed, the more hugs will intensify, and the more pleasure will increase.

— Locates the area

Identifying the field of application in advance is very important. The ideal is in sensitive areas, those that react quickly to the touch of the affected person such as the neck, torso or even at the hip level in the greatest moments of intimacy.

— Apply lollipop

Carefully remove your lips from hers and begin to gently descend towards the neck. Start with small kisses and then when you feel your partner is ready, you can start sucking gently and then suck more and more without hurting your partner. Once the pacifier is reached, gently kiss the area again.

Don’t forget

Patience is very important, not abrupting things at the risk of breaking the charm. It is also essential to be clean, a neck covered with salty sweat is not too ideal, just like a mouth that saliva too much.

Aloe Vera to mitigate the pacifier

Now you know how to do it, but you also need to learn how to remove it as soon as possible. There are methods and the most effective is Aloe Vera. On the site, you will have all the most accurate indications to use this so-called miracle solution due to its advantages.

  • It is enough to apply it with a cotton pad or fingers directly to the affected part, it tends to speed up the healing process.
  • This is a very effective grandmother’s remedy for removing impurities from the skin and accelerating healing.
  • Since it is moisturizing, it does not dry the skin, and the pacifier will disappear very quickly.
  • To improve the rendering, it is advisable to perform a small massage of 10 minutes.

Do not forget to remove the surprise and you will be able to renew the operation every day. It is now very easy to find Aloe Vera since the product is present on all online stores and you can even buy a commercially plant. In this way, you cut the branches to harvest frost. The latter is pure and it allows you to remove your pacifier, it is often indispensable for teens.