How to locate a smartphone or iPhone?

Can’t know where you left your smartphone? Have you been a victim of theft and want to know how to locate your smartphone? We explain everything in this full article about smartphone localization, whether it is running Android or iOS (iPhone).

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  • Find your Android smartphone
    • Google’s settings in Android Locating Android
    • smartphone with device manager
  • Locate your Android smartphone via an app?
  • Locating a lost or stolen iPhone
    • iCloud to locate your iPhone
    • Which app to locate your iPhone?

Locate your Android smartphone

Have you phoned your own smartphone, unsuccessfully and you think you have suffered a theft? Don’t panic, your Android smartphone may not be lost.

If you think Having lost your phone or you have made it stolen, the first thing to do is try to locate it thanks to Google . Did you know that it is possible to locate a smartphone for free thanks to Google services on your Android smartphone?

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To do this, you must first have enabled localization on your mobile phone. You have a simple manipulation to perform. Go to the settings of your Android smartphone , then to the General section, and finally in the Google and Security section.

Google’s settings on Android

With Google, on Android, you have a very convenient option that allows you to ask for the location of the device. You only have one manipulation to do, which is to enable the option “Locate this device remotely ” while selecting “Allow lock and deletion”.

This manipulation allows you, remotely, to lock your smartphone in case of theft, and then delete data if you can’t find your mobile phone. This will prevent the person who found or stolen your phone from entering your personal data.

Android smartphone localization with device manager

Locating your Android smartphone is a completely free maneuver. Connect to the Device Manager on a computer or on another phone. Device Manager allows you to manage all your Android devices as well as your apps.

You can ask the Device Manager to trace your smartphone from the console. With Device Manager, you can remotely delete your personal data from your smartphone. The Google Device Manager console allows you to ring your phone if you have simply misplaced him in your business.

Good to know: this feature works even if you have put your smartphone on silent. However, the smartphone must be in a place where it captures its network.

Locate your Android smartphone via an app?

It is also possible to locate your Android smartphone via an application that focuses its efforts on geolocation. You have access to these services completely free of charge, and you can, as with Device Manager, control remote locking and data deletion.

If you want to go further, you have the choice to take a paid application. The most popular free application among users of Android smartphones is the app “Where’s my Droid”. Via its interface, the application can show you on Google Maps exactly where your smartphone is. To do this, it is of course necessary that geolocation has been activated beforehand on your mobile phone.

With Where’s my Droid, you can also create a remote access code to secure your data. You will also receive a notification if a new SIM card is used with this Android smartphone.

Locating a lost or stolen iPhone

Are you on iOS and you have an Apple smartphone (iPhone)? No worry, Apple has developed similar services to help you locate your iPhone for free.

Your Apple device must be set to the right settings to benefit from these free services. Go to the device settings, in the General section, and then Passwords and Accounts/iCloud/ Locate.

The location of the device iPhone can then be done by activating the Find My iPhone option. Apple then offers to enable automatic or non-sending of the last position known to Apple before the phone’s battery is empty.

iCloud to locate your iPhone

As with the Google Device Manager, you can then go to . This address allows you to instantly geolocate your iPhone, wherever it is.

Thanks to this interface, you can find the precise location of your smartphone, trace it, erase all your data but also prevent any use of the iPhone.

If you want to go through an application, it is possible to locate an iPhone by this bias.

Which app to locate your iPhone?

From another Apple iPhone, you can locate your device with the Find My iPhone app. The app is very easy to use and locates your iPhone even if it is not turned on .

Via the interface, you have the ability to block any use of the iPhone, which is convenient in case of theft. Erase your personal data and be sure not to lose data in the hands of a malicious person.

Now you know how to locate a mobile phone, iOS or Android, through settings changes, using iCloud Device Manager or handy apps. In the event of loss, mismanagement or theft, you have nothing to worry about and you remain in control of your personal data.

Don’t forget to enable your mobile device’s location settings as soon as you make a new acquisition. Perform these Simple settings on your device can avoid you many disapsets. By the way, it is advisable to always set up a lock model , to increase the safety of yourphone.